In a Nutshell 

Whether you are searching for baby faves, Mummy and Kids fashion, wall art, children’s lights, books, toys or more. Little Kids Business has you covered by bringing together over 110 Kids Brands, selling amazing gifts for your little love aged 0-14 years in one handy Marketplace.

Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home, while waiting for your child at School Pickup or while grabbing a coffee at your local cafe. From the second you enter our website you will glide seamlessly through pages of quality gifts.

Little Kids Business is not your average shop, we are an online Marketplace, where over 110 Kids Brands have set up a store in order to cross-sell and make it easier for shoppers to add multiple Brands to one personal online shopping cart. When an order is placed with Little Kids Business, it diverts directly to the Brand, and in most cases, the Creator of the gift picks and packs your order and happy dances to the Post Office to mail it to you. 

You can personally support, Julia from Nail Snail, the safest Baby Nail Clipper on the market, Tash from Little Lords Cool threads for Cool Kids or the lovely Mother and Daughter duo, Julie and Dawn from Opening Fairy doors to name just a few. 

Faces of LKB

Why a Rainbow represents us?

The noun Rainbow means “a wide range of related and typically colourful things”. At Little Kids Business, we have embraced all of the beautiful colours of the Rainbow leaving customers grinning like a little child as they shop from one colour to another.

Why I started Little Kids Business – Leisa Papa 

In October 2015 I received my first ever copy of my picture book  ” Daniel and the Dummy Fairy“. I was so proud and excited to have written a children’s book dedicated to my two children Daniel and Sophie, however, my excitement soon turned to concern as over the next year I struggled to be found on the internet and make sales. The realisation hit that free websites are not free and that the cost of running a small online business paying for Adwords and SEO etc while sharing my revenue with distributors and retail stores was outweighing my tiny profits.

With 12 years of Business Advisory and Sales Management experience working for Big Brands like NSW Tourism, P&O, Princess & Cunard Cruiselines and Alphapharm Pharmaceuticals, my alarm bells were ringing and I knew that this was a poor business model for me. From my vast experience working with buying groups and franchises, I knew that working with like-minded people was the answer to negotiating better postage rates, sharing Marketing expenses and creating a profitable business so I set about researching and developing my concepts to create the Little Kids Business marketplace.

More than an e-commerce site, Little Kids Business acts as a champion for small to medium business and provides customers with the opportunity to gain access to all of these Brands in the same place. To date, we showcase 110 Brands live on our Marketplace, with many more registered and yet to set up their stores. Each store represents a wonderful Creator with passion and drive. You are supporting them by supporting Little Kids Business.

The Little Kids Business Head Office is in Brisbane, Australia. 

If you wish to get in touch simply email: customer@littlekidsbusiness.com.au or call 1300 853 005 

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