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We chat with Stacey from the Baby Diaries App

As a new Mum or Dad, life can be so overwhelming and let’s not forget that baby brain is a real thing, derived from sleep interruption and deprivation.

Today we speak with Stacey who makes life easier for Mums, Dads and Caregivers with her The Baby Diaries® App. A simple and easy to use baby routine and milestone tracker that tracks baby’s sleep, feed, nappies, medications, growth, milestone achievements and more … all in one safe place.

You purchased the Baby Diaries as a running business, why were you so passionate about it.

I’ve had the desire to set up my own business for a few years now and, fortunately for me, The Baby Diaries was already launched and in operation by our Founder, Tara O’Connell, so I was lucky enough to just come in and give it some fresh eyes, love and time.

Taking over the business was a long journey; it had to be the right choice for my family and I. I was right in the thick of newborn world (I’d just had my second little boy) and this meant I had to take time away from them to better my family in the long run. The process took 9 months (funnily enough) and then I became the new owner in August 2019.

As a working Mum, juggling two children and a new business, I used my App to keep track of my baby’s sleep, feed, nappies, medications, growth, milestone achievements and more.

Who or what inspires you?

Anyone who is willing to give it a go and say that they tried. Maybe the failed and gave up or maybe they are onto their second or third idea. But the fact that they are trying is amazing to me.

Also, I’m truly touched by anyone that goes out of their way to help someone or something. The recent bush fires showed a beautiful side to a lot of people who not only helped other humans but also animals are a dead-set legend in my eyes

Who uses your product/service?

The Baby Diaries is perfect for a first-time mum (parent) but is also still very relevant for new mums (parents).

And given the app is multi-use this means grandma, babysitter, childcare worker or whomever else minds bubs can use it too. It’s especially great when childcare is shared and one person is not 100% sure of when feeds and changes have occurred.

It is also perfect for parents with a preemie or and unwell baby.

I find that having a routine and understanding what tasks you have completed and what is due next helps caregivers feel as though they are in control. In some cases may even provide some assistance with those battling Post Natal Depression who may lose track throughout the day find the tracking reassuring.


What do you love about your work?

I love the challenge – this is a completely new industry for me, both technology, baby/mother and pet industry. Learning the ropes, expanding my knowledge, meeting new people and what tops is that I am helping new mamas in what is one of the most unbelievable beautiful times of our lives but also the most exhausting and testing.

Describe life away from the office…

I am a wife to a Canadian Combat Veteran and mum to two young boys, Henry (3) and Oliver (21) months.

I love to travel and have visited over 30+ countries and can’t wait to start exploring with my young family.

I am my happiest when my family is all together. Hubby works long hours and therefore the weekend is usually just the four of us but there is never enough time.

What’s next for you?

A couple of avenues: I’d like to make the app a more holistic platform for mum that includes pre and postnatal workouts, baby first-aid etc…

There are a few opportunities on the B2B side of the business. I am looking to partner with brands that complement our target market and want to communicate with them directly. I am also partnering with organisations who want to own their own app.


Fun Facts about Stacey

– I graded in my very first gymnastics comp when I was five.
– I am the middle child.
– I grew up on 2.5 acres – some would say a small hobby farm but I never saw it like that.
– I’ve worked in the sports industry for national teams for over 10 years.
– I’ve travelled the world and can’t wait to get back out there.
– I’ve lived in the UK, Canada and Port Douglas outside of Melbourne, which is where I now call home.




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