The Ultimate Slumber Party Games

(In Tent Slumber Parties)


The girls sit in a circle and a bottle of nail polish is placed in the centre. The bottle is spun and whomever it lands on

get their nails painted that colour. As an added goodie bag gift you can send them home with their very own bottle of

their new manicure colour.


Using a kitchen timer. One person hides the timer while the other guests are out of the room. Once hidden, the

others need to come back to the room and find the timer before it goes off. This can be done in groups or with teams

competing to find the timer in the shortest time. Challenge each other by shortening the time each round.


Split the group into two teams. Each team gets a list of items they need to either take a photo of or collect. If cameras

are not available the items can be drawn or just experienced. Ensure the items on each list are in a different order.

The items on the list can be anything you want and the clues can be as hard as you want.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

1. I am a face with hands

2. I get wetter and wetter the more I dry

3. I get a new ring each year, but I have no fingers

4. I am the only fruit with my seeds on the outside

5. I am a dog but I can’t bark

6. I am so strong I can carry 10-50 times my own body weight

7. If you hold me up to the light you can see all my veins, but I don’t have any blood.

8. I can take pictures but I’m not a camera. I can give directions but I’m not a person.

9. Each team member must bear crawl or handstand walk 10m

10. Using the first letter of items found around you spell out the birthday person’s name.

i.e. if the birthday person’s name is SOFIA, you could use the following item:





*bonus points for having all items in the same photo

Scavenger Hunt Answers

1. A clock

2. A towel

3. A tree

4. A strawberry

5. A hot dog

6. An ant

7. A leaf

8. A mobile phone


This one’s always a favourite, write down on a separate piece of paper x number celebrity/character/band names,

enough for each child to get one. The names you choose will be dependent on the age, and likes of the group. Place

them in a hat or bowl and have each child chose a name but not look at it. Write each of these names onto a sticky

note and stick it to the child’s head, ensuring they do not see the name. The children then, taking turns to ask a

question, need to work out who their celebrity is. If they get the question right, they get to ask another question.

First one to guess their celebrity wins.


Each person gets 10 pegs which they peg on the back of their clothes. The aim is to get the pegs off the other

player and peg them on to the back of your clothes. The player with the most pegs wins. This can be played

until there is one play standing or for a timed period.

Download a PDF version