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6 ways to stay sane with a Family while self-isolating at home

With the press constantly in our ear, it may difficult to keep things in perspective and keep your happy on, especially if you have financial concerns.

During this time I can’t help but think of the plague of the 17th Century and how scared they must have been with such little information and organisation. I am eternally grateful that we live in this day and age.

Let us not get bogged down with the past, we are here and we are healthy.

Follow these  6 ways to stay sane with a Family while self-isolating at home

1. Be sure that elderly Parents or Grandparents are healthy and happy away from you. 

Although it may be difficult to stay away from the elderly it is so incredibly important to keep your distance in case you may be a carrier. Without symptoms I would love nothing more than to drive and visit my parents, however, I must consider what is best for them before what’s best for myself, after all, they have given up allot in their life for me.

For this reason, it may be nice to create a care package. A box filled with pictures and letters from the Grandkids and little gifts to let them know that you care. Include their favourite food and perhaps a toilet roll. (he, he)

Just because you are apart do not have to mean that Grandparents can not still play with the kids.

My father often plays Barbies with 6-year-old Sophie via skype and chess is also a fabulous game to play via skype or face-time with the Grandkids.

Chess with Grandkids


Tee it up with Grandpa to meet online at a specific time with your chess boards set up. When one person moves their piece the other person also moves that piece on their chessboard. Not only is this a great way to improve your mental skills, you just might be helping an elderly person have some purpose in their isolated day.

Another idea I love is to ask Grandparents to write letters to the Grandkids which you can share with them either now or at a later date like the Grandchild’s own wedding or the birth of their child from a deceased Grandparent. What a lovely way to include precious loved ones and lean things about them that you may never learn otherwise.


2. Families that live together, exercise together

Improve your mental health, mood and even your body.

Exercise may mean burning calories at home with the kids or planing some time out for yourself. Activities with the kids may include:

  • My kids are always asking to go bike riding however we never seem to find the time so this is one of the first things on my list.
  • Set up an obstacle course where you jump over pool noodles and run around the swing set, finishing with ten star jumps on the trampoline.
  • Play that game of soccer or basketball.
  • Lie on your back and pass a cushion from your straight arms to your elevated feet or use a skipping rope.

Whatever you decide to do, use this time as a chance to be lighthearted and enjoy the stress relief.

If you prefer a calmer day, teach your child the techniques and adventure of yoga. Use your bodies to form yoga poses of animals and objects on these specially designed kids yoga cards.

3. Create a work from home and teach the kids schedule

Planning your activities so that you can achieve your personal goals and those of your children will help you stay on track.

Even if you are accountable to yourself, it may be enough to keep you on track. Make a chart listing all of the kids’ school activities, guitar or piano lessons, mathletics and reading eggs goals.

Now add in your exercise routine as above along with your daily menu, because you will have to be planned now that you are visiting the shops less.

I like to use a big cardboard piece so that the kids can pick when they have completed their task. I then stick this to the end of the kitchen counter.

4. Plan TV time

With children in the house, it is important to watch the news just once a day and not have it running all of the time. After all, you may need to manage your families emotions and the constant news can lead to anxiety.

With children of different age groups, you will have to create a TV schedule as they will likely all have different preferences.

If you have young children you may allow them to watch ABC for Kids on TV or if you have a Favourite you can even watch special LIVE in their Loungeroom shows such as Lah-Lah Live on your laptop or ipad.



Plan learning and also TV time into your daily schedule.

We like to choose a family-friendly TV series and watch it together after dinner from 6.30 pm-730pm in the evenings. We find the kids love the routine of Family Time and it gives them something to look forward to at the end of the day depending on the age of your child and their bedtime.

5. Learn something new

Why not use this time to spend some time on your favourite hobbies, or pick up a new one? Create something cool with the kids and manage your stress with the added benefit of spending quality time with your children.

6. Clean and organise

Having a clean house is nice, but in this current crisis, also necessary to stay healthy. For this reason, now is that spring clean you have been putting off.

Go through the following

  • Your clothes and the t kids’ clothes and work out what to give away to those in need.
  • Rearrange the Tupperware drawer ( where is the lid … argh! )
  • Refold and sort the sheets that you have been stuffing into the cupboard.
  • What about that dreaded kitchen draw of mystery?
  • The Garage – what better way to try and make some extra cash than by selling off unused items.

No matter which way you look at it, even if you are working from home, you may have weekends free of kids sport, family and also friend get togethers so put this time to good use and take care.


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