How To Set Up A Creator Account

Welcome To Your Creator Account

Congratulations, you’ve been approved as a Creator / Seller on the Little Kids Business Marketplace. We’ve put together a guide for you about  how you can access your account which all asset you to list your products on Little Kids Business in a few easy steps.


Login page:

You can login with the combination of your user name (or registered email) and with your password. If you can’t remember your password, please use the password recovery function on the page with the email address you’re registered with.


This is where you will see the overall performance of your store including net sales in a month, commissions, number of products that are awaiting fulfilment, products that are low in stock or products that are out of stock.


Orders is the section of your account where you see the list of your orders. You can filter orders by Unpaid, Paid and Void orders.


This is the place where you can see the the sales results by date or by products. You can also export the data as a CSV (Excel) table for accounting purpose and check the stock status of the products.


This is where all your files are stored including product images, gift card images (if you are a service) and other documents that you might need for your store. You can upload new files by hovering your mouse over the Media menu and by clicking on the “Add new’ menu.


This is the place where your products are listed. You can add new products by hovering your mouse over the Products menu and clicking on ‘Add new’. Please visit this page to find out more details about how to add a new product.

Store Settings

You can set up your profile, upload your logo and your photo into your store. This will be the your public picture when customers check your profile or products on the website.


If you need support, this is the section where you can ask for help by sending us a message alternatively email us at


This is your account / profile, and not your public creator profile. You can change your name, email address here, or change your password. Don’t worry about the profile picture in this section as the customer facing profile photo will be set up under the store setting. Don’t forget to click ‘Update’ your account if you made any changes.