Hello, I’m Leisa, Mum to Daniel and Sophie and founder of Little Kids Business.

I have been lucky enough to work for some pretty amazing Corporate Brands and I was often recognised for my accomplishments taking out both National and State Sales Growth awards for the companies P&O, Princess, Cunard Cruiselines, NSW Tourism and Alphapharm Pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Today I use my University Education and extensive Corporate training to run the Little Kids Business Online Marketplace and write Business the occasional Business articles which have appeared in the Inside Small Business online Magazine. 

This story begins in 2015 when I wrote and published a children’s book called “Daniel and the Dummy Fairy”. You see,  I believe that we can always achieve more by working together, so in 2018, I invited Julie and Dawn from Opening Fairy Doors to sell with me.

This led to an invitation to another Brand

….and then another

….and Little Kids Business is now proud to have over 200 Kids Brands registered to sell with us.

I’m so pleased that you are considering selling with us also. With a common goal to provide quality gifts from your families to our customers’ families, we are walking on the same footpath, so let’s hold hands.

Sell with us


  1. Create your own store within Little Kids Business.
  2. Customers order your gift through the Little Kids Business and pay using the LKB checkout with either Stripe, Paypal or Afterpay.
  3. The order generates a new order email which automatically arrives in your inbox, advising you that you have an order.
  4. You prepare and dispatch the order to the customer within 24 hours (*n/a for personalised items)
  5. You change the order status to fulfilled and an email automatically generates to the customer to advise them that their gift is on the way. 
  6. Your customer receives your gift and squeals with delight.
  7. Monthly, we pay you the customer’s order less our % handling fee. 

As a Vendor through Little Kids Business, you have the extra ability to be found by thousands of mainly Mothers who turn around 80,000 pages within Little Kids Business each month.

If you decide to register to sell with us today, you will never pay a monthly fee and the best bit is that you are not locked into a contract.

Imagine having access to your very own store which enables you to set up your own gifts for sale, manage staff access, see full reporting, see the visitor numbers to your store and even place your store on Holiday Mode so that you can go on vacation knowing that customers are fully informed while you are sipping cocktails by the beach. If you get stuck, that’s Ok as we are happy to help. 


Someone who makes well made, useful products for, children aged between 0-14 years, their mothers, fathers and school teachers. People who exude a loving personal touch with a strong sense of pride.

  • Maternity or children’s gifts that you have sourced or designed yourself.
  • Stylish, unique and quality gifts that are always presented professionally.
  • Businesses that are looking to grow — no matter how big or small you currently are. 
  • Great photography to align with our curation policy.

If you need assistance with photo editing you can contact our friends at PIXC or place a job on fiver



 “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Teddy Roosevelt

Little Kids Business will act as your Customer Service middle man. In some cases, we can handle the enquiry however there are times when we touch base with our Brand for further clarification. At Little Kids Business, we have the philosophy that a thankful approach is the best way to converse with customers.

You can assist us to reduce the customer service issues by posting your gifts on time and advising our customers of your tracking information in the designated space for tracking numbers. 


Marketing isn’t just an important part of business success; it is the business. 
We provide many marketing opportunities for our brands that they might not be able to do on their own such as our Look Book, which was printed and distributed through Expo’s, Childcare Centres and OBYN’s.
Take a peek at some of our work aimed at our target marketing of 2.300,000 Australian families with children 14 years and under. 


Launching 2020 – We will ask Mamas and Businesses to Join our Affiliate Program and start earning FREE rewards for themselves by promoting gifts for Babies, Little Kids and School Kids from any of the 200 Family Businesses who have their very own store within Little Kids Business.


Little Kids Business Media Kit


We often showcase gifts to journalists and bloggers. We have been a contributor to the Kids Magazine “Krash”, Australian Giftsguide, Mama Disrupt, Sydney Morning Herald, the QLD Courier Mail Newspaper and Label Magazine to name a few. 



In 2020 Little Kids Business will launch our Childcare Centre Partnership scheme, where Childcare Centres will be rewarded for promoting Little Kids Business and encouraging their families to buy from us. As part of this Scheme Childcare Centres can earn funding based on commission and use these funds to purchase kids items for their Childcare Centre or Playgroup from Little Kids Business. 

We have our first Childcare Centre Chain onboard and look forward to forming relationships with many more. 

Facebook and Instagram Competitions allow us to showcase wonderful gifts and grow our database. 


  • Flash Sales
  • Coupon Discounts
  • Gift with Purchase Promotions
  • Featured Sellers and more. 
  • Christmas Promotions.  

Brand reviews


Welcoming a new baby home is an exciting and overwhelming step – and as children grow, there are always more questions that you need to be answered. Think of the Little Kids Business directory as every parent’s tribe – whatever you need, whatever question you have, we can recommend the perfect provider for them.


Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company’s credibility. Reviews have the power to gain customer trust, and they encourage people to interact with the company. Customer interaction ultimately leads to improved profits for a business. We encourage our customers to complete a review by donating $0.50 from every review to our Charity of Choice, Mummy’s Wish.



  1. Please complete the registration form to express your interest.
  2. We review your application to ensure that your gifts will attract our customers and your photos meet our photography curation policy. If we have concerns about your photos, we will offer you the option to improve them so that they are Marketplace ready. 
  3. Once approved you can set up your store on the Little Kids Business Marketplace, ready to sell your creations.
  4. If you have any questions at all, you may email [email protected] or simply give us a call on 1300 853 005.



We are a team because we respect,
trust and care for one another.