How does the Little Kids Business Marketplace work?

  1. You list and market your creations to customers in our marketplace.
  2. Customers order your gift through the Little Kids Business and pay using our checkout with either Stripe, Paypal or Afterpay.
  3. The order generates a new order email which automatically arrives in your inbox advising you that you have an order.
  4. You prepare and dispatch the order to the customer within 24 hours (*n/a for personalised items)
  5. Your customer receives your gift and squeals with delight.
  6. On the 20th of the following month, we pay you the customer’s order amount less our % handling fee. 

What gifts do we like to sell on Little Kids Business?

Someone who makes well made, useful products for, children aged between 0-14 years, their mothers, fathers and school teachers. People who exude a loving personal touch with a strong sense of pride.

  • Maternity or children’s gifts that you have sourced or designed yourself.
  • Stylish, unique and quality gifts that are always presented professionally.
  • Businesses that are looking to grow — no matter how big or small you currently are. Brand examples include iWorld, Kooshy Kids, Opening Fairy Doors, Nail Snail, Coco & Cru and more
  • Great photography to align with our curation policy. (If you need assistance with photo editing you can contact our friends at PIXC 

Customer Service

 “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Teddy Roosevelt

Little Kids Business will act as your Customer Service middle man. In some cases, we can handle the enquiry however there are times when we touch base with our Brand for further clarification. At Little Kids Business, we have the philosophy that a thankful approach is the best way to converse with customers.

A way that you can assist us to reduce our customer enquiries is to provide tracking for your gifts. From September 1st we will have options from our homepage for our customers to track their parcels. 


Marketing isn’t just an important part of business success; it is the business. 
With three separate landing pages, we choose to market Little Kids Business, one business at a time. If we are promoting Baby gifts, we will use the link for the baby landing page so that it appears that the customer has come to a baby shop. We do the same for Little Kids and finally School Kids. The reason that we choose to market this way is that a parent of a teenager looking for coding toys does not wish to be marketed items in a Baby store and vice versa. 

In order to attract our target market to sign up to our email newsletter from September 1st 2019, we will be offering a FREE digital download or “Emergency Phone Numbers for Parents and Caregivers”. 

EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) Campaigns are sent out weekly to our growing database. 

Blogs – We use Blogs supplied by our vendors as well as our own blogs and those of the experts in our directory as a way to bring visitors to our Website. We use words and phrases that Google will love by filling our site with blog posts that contain keywords that are relevant to our industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

We are constantly filling with easy-to-read keyphrases and though we will complete the basics of your SEO.

Though this is not compulsory, it will assist your products to be found. If you would really like to make a difference we ask that you purchase a Professional copywriting in the form of a 1200 word professional article, which will be used as your SEO on your Vendor page. From here we can link this to other blogs and articles as well as our Cornerstone content.  

Google Ads 

Little Kids Business now works exclusively with Bambrick Media  who assist with Google Ads, Broader Seo and some Facebook Marketing 

Utilizing Google Ads with a focus on the shopping portal give us great exposure. Though we can not list every single product in Google Shopping we do rotate the listed products so you will always have a turn. 

Press Coverage – We have our own online press room, which showcases our uploaded products to journalists, bloggers, and influencers for them to discover for their print articles, blog posts, and social campaigns. Our images can be downloaded in high resolution along with detailed product and brand information, giving the press everything they need. We have been happy to be a contributor for the Kids Magazine “Krash”. We have also appeared in “Mama Disrupt” and “Label” to name a few. 

Celebrity Baby Hampers are a way to be talked about in the Press and we have had Brands feature in the celebrity Gifting Baby bags for Carrie Bickmore, Natalia Cooper, Skye Wheatley and Em Rusciano to name a few. 

YouTube Marketing is a hot topic among entrepreneurs right now, and for good reason. According to Cisco, video content will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. Since more than half of the world’s population is now using the internet, that’s a lot of traffic.

Not surprisingly, Little Kids Business has a Video Marketing Strategy to increase our exposure, traffic, and sales. 

Relationships with Childcare Centres 

We are working to create relationships with Childcare Centre Chains. 

Our first chain of 11 Childcare Centres is Green Leaves Early Learning 

Facebook Marketing – Apart from implementing a Facebook Store allowing shoppers access to our Marketplace through Facebook Shopping features we also use Paid Facebook marketing methods. 

Facebook and Instagram Competitions allow us to host Competitions which ask entrants to like and follow. 

WIN and see Lah Lah

Instagram – Wouldn’t it be handy if you could sell some of your best products through a single photo on a social media post, well we do. With Instagram, shopping and advertising leading viewers directly to our Marketplace Instagram is an important marketing tool. 

Instagram Influencers – We have contracted some Influencers with wonderful followings and we will continue to be on the lookout for non-competing businesses to work with. 

Sales and Discounts

  • Flash Sales
  • Coupon Discounts
  • Gift with Purchase Promotions
  • Featured Sellers and more. 
  • Christmas Gift Guide. 

Join the Little Kids Business family and sell your gifts in our marketplace

  1. Complete the Express your interest form.
  2. We review your application to ensure that your gifts will attract our customers and your photos meet our photography curation policy.
  3. Once approved you can set up your store on the Little Kids Business Marketplace, ready to sell your creations.

Don’t have time to create your listings? Why not let us do it for you

If you still have questions please visit our Creators FAQ

Please visit our Little Kids Business Brand – Terms and Conditions for further clarification 

We are a team because we respect,
trust and care for one another.