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To help you through, we thought it might be fun to celebrate those painstakingly real moments by adding a bit of humour with two packs of Milestone Cards.

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-Each pack contains 19 cards to be used as a photo prop or keepsake.
-The cards are an A6 size and 400gsm (read – THICK) so are perfect for photos.
-$1 from each pack is donated to Children’s Services at Bendigo Health Care Group.
-Remember to tag and #littlekidsbusiness so we can share your pain!

Toddler Cards-

-I dressed myself (terribly)

-Today I got lost

-Today I was totally inappropriate

-I was left alone for one minute

-Massive public tantrum

-Today I refused to wear clothes

-This is why they call it Terrible 2’s

-Absolute threenager

-I can climb out of my cot

-I’ve decided I don’t need a nap anymore

-I love picking my nose (and eating boogers)

-Ouch! Today’s bumps and bruises

-Repeated a swear word

-My parents survived my first night in a big bed!



-Sugar High

-Epic Meltdown

-Feral 4 Year Old

-Toilet Training Disaster

-Check out my artwork


This pack includes:

-Last night I woke up Every. Single. Hour.

-I had my head banged into a door frame

-I rolled off the (-change table – bed – couch)

-A teensy bit of my finger got cut off while someone was cutting my nails

-Nappy Explosion! It went (-up my back – down my leg)

-Today I was referred to as the opposite sex

-I screamed all day long for no reason (parents feel free to use this card too)

-Ate (blank) off the floor

-The brakes were left off my stroller

-Today I learnt to climb out of my high chair

-First visit to the ER

-My first poo in the bath

-Someone dropped their phone on my face when taking my picture

-I was fed food that wasn’t cooled down properly

-I just vomited in someone’s mouth

-Dropped (blank) in the toilet

-Got burnt by the car seat buckle

-I just found my genitals

-Today my parents are hungover for the first time since having me

It’s hard living up to the perfect Mum persona, the truth is no Mum is perfect. Check out these Mum Confessions.


Pack includes:

– Shit Just Got Real (I’m up the duff)

– I can no longer see past my guts

– I LOVE it when strangers rub my belly

– Baby Brain

– First Stretch Marks

– My baby is kicking the crap out of me

– I can no longer do up my shoelaces

– I need to pee every 5 minutes

– My normal clothes don’t fit anymore

– I sneezed…enough said

– Everything makes me want to spew

– Somebody get this kid out of me!

– Apparently I’m not the right size for my dates

– Heart Burn

– I’m SO tired

– Seriously Hormonal

– Craving

– I know it’s me, but it’s hot in here

– Hello cankles!

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