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SAVE with our Natural Rubber Soother Round Dummy Bundle Pack.

One of the safest and most hygienic dummies on the market is the Natural Rubber Soother Round Dummy. It’s round shape, large shield and soft natural rubber makes it the perfect dummy for breastfed babies.

Plus each size will come in a twin pack with a reusable case that can be clipped onto your pram hook allowing for convenient and hygienic storage – essential on those days out!


The bundle pack contains:

1 x Twin Pack of Natural Rubber Soother in a reusable case – Small (0-3 months)

1 x Twin Pack of Natural Rubber Soother in a reusable case – Medium (3-6 months)

1 x Twin Pack of Natural Rubber Soother in a reusable case – Large (6 months+)

Natural Rubber Soother Round Dummy Features:

– Each size comes as Two (2) Round/Cherry Natural Rubber Soother in one (1) reusable case allowing for convenient and hygienic storage.
– BPA Free
– No chemical softeners
– One piece design eliminates places where bacteria can hide
– No parabens
– No PVC
– No Phthalates
– Larger shield touches baby’s nose, providing closer simulation to breast feeding
– Made with 100% sustainable, natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis
– Eco friendly biodegradable dummies
– Easy sterilisation

Natural Rubber Soother Dummy FAQs

Natural Rubber Soothers are available in round shapes with 3 sizes to choose from depending on the age of your baby:

  • round small 0-3 months
  • round medium 3-6 months
  • round large 6+ months

Natural Rubber Soothers are helpful in satisfying your baby’s need for self-soothing, while preventing possible negative effects on teeth and palate formation created by his or her thumb sucking.

Round Shape - Tends to work better for breast-fed babies because the tongue is positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, which helps prevent nipple confusion. About 80% of babies tend to move soothers around in their mouths, so the position of the round soother can never end up around the wrong way. Because the tongue’s position never changes, midwives usually recommend starting babies on rounded soothers. Natural Rubber Soothers round model is available in small (0-3 months), medium (3-6 months) and large (6 months+).

Absolutely! The natural rubber used to make our Soothers and Teethers comes from a manufacturer in Malaysia that values both sustainability and the environment. Through them we ensure the natural rubber is sustainable by replanting rubber trees and investing in research and development.

On top of their environment policy our supplier has a water treatment plant to clean up its processed water before discharging the water, meeting the standards of the Malaysian Department of Environment regarding public water ways. To ensure little waste they also recycle their waste by selling it to other manufacturers who convert the waste to a lower grade rubber, for example the production of rubber floor mats used in public parks & playgrounds.

They are made from a single piece of 100% pure Natural Rubber crafted from the sap of a Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

We are proud to say that our Natural Rubber Soothers meet both Australian and European safety standards.

Before first use:

Before using your Natural Rubber Soother, please sterilise by immersing in boiling water for 5minutes, then remove from the water & allow to cool. This will remove the oily film that naturally occurs on the rubber. Never allow to cool in the water.


Daily care:

Simply wash in warm water with mild liquid soap. If extra sterilisation is required place the dummy in a strainer and pour boiling water over the top. Do not sterilize in a bottle sterilizer, wash in a dishwasher or leave in boiling water after the first clean.

You should always inspect the dummy carefully before each use, especially when your child has teeth. Pull it in all directions and throw it away at the first sign of damage. Being natural rubber, your product will eventually turn brown and feel sticky to touch, this is when it should be replaced.

A cord or ribbon attached to a dummy poses a strangulation hazard, especially when attached to your child's clothes so best to use the dummy on its own if unsupervised.

Natural Rubber Soothers should be replaced every 8-12 weeks (depending on frequency of use) with the age appropriate size. Provided you carefully inspect the dummy before each use (especially when your child has teeth) there is no harm in using it for a longer period of time, however you’ll notice the rubber get darker and possibly sticky, which a sign it’s time to replace the dummy.

It’s also recommended that you match the age of your child to the size of the dummy. Replacing a small with a medium at 3 months and a medium with a large at 6 months is ideal.

These sizes are only a guide as some babies prefer a larger or smaller nipple.

The large rubber shield is deliberately designed to gently touch your baby’s nose as it helps simulate breastfeeding. The closeness gives them the same secure feeling they get with their mothers nipple and breast during breastfeeding.

No, the size of our dummies hasn’t changed. However what you may be noticing is the enlargement of your original dummy. After heavy use the nipple of the dummy expands, hence we recommend replacing the dummy every 8-12 weeks or having a few in rotation to extend the use time. Having a few dummies also allows you to completely dry the dummy before it’s used again. Unlike some other dummies being 100% natural means we don’t use stabilising chemicals that keep the shape of the nipple.

Another possible cause is oil. Natural Rubber is very sensitive to oil contamination such as fried, baby food and so on. This oil will cause the rubber to swell and reduce the properties.

As Natural Rubber Soothers are made from a 100% natural product it’s common for them to look different. The absence of artificial colours means they are in their organic form so some will be darker than others.

This is completely normal. Because the Natural Rubber Soother contains no chemicals or anti-oxidants to keep it light the rubber can sometimes darken over time. This is not a concern; it’s simply an effect of using a 100% natural product.

Natural Rubber Soothers are not encouraging you to use a soother, but encourage you to do things that help you during tough times. You do not need to make soothers a permanent feature of your baby's life, Natural Rubber Soothers can help you through a rough patch.

Ideal uses for a Natural Rubber Soother:

  • Aeroplane travel - whilst the plane is ascending or descending air pressure changes and babies are unable to unblock their ears unless they are sucking and swallowing.
  • Painful nipples - when you just can’t use your breast anymore as a comforter, a Natural Rubber Soother can give your nipples the chance to repair.
  • Sleep Activator - Some babies drift off to sleep whilst feeding and when you transfer them into bed they can wake up. By using a Natural Rubber Soother during this transition from feeding to the cot, baby can use the Soother as a sleep activator.
  • Optional Parent Helper - Natural Rubber Soothers are an optional parent helper, they are not always essential, as many babies will never need a soother. Every parent has different needs, providing safe alternatives for your babies in these circumstances are what is desired.

This ‘whitish’ layer is scale that can attach to the surface of your dummy if left in water too long. It’s harmless and should disappear after a couple of washes with warm water and mild soap.

It’s important not to leave your Natural Rubber Soother in water beyond the very first sterilization (see care instructions for more detail) because it will make the dummy look dull and could cause it to age and become sticky more quickly.

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