Outdoor & Sporting Toys

There is something so healthy and fun about outdoor toys for kids, with experiential play so good for growing bodies and minds.

Outdoor toys offer children the opportunity to learn by experience.

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In a world of distraction as technology increases around our homes, outdoor toys and playing outside until the sun goes down as kids is something of nostalgia for us as parents.

At Little Kids Business, we believe there is a place for indoor activity. However, we are driven to offer a selection of sports and outdoor toys for kids that sparks their imagination, whether they are the next big basketball player or a princess in her tower. No matter the journey, fun and joy is our end goal.

The freedom of outdoor activity goes hand-in-hand with essential exercise, wellbeing and vitamin D.

Picking Sporting and Outdoor Equipment For Your Kids

In order to offer the largest variety for your little kids, we have handpicked many different styles of sporting equipment, outdoor toys and activities to help you get your child excited about exercise and set them up for the healthiest lifestyle they could ever hope for. Some of our options include:

Basketball Hoops

A fantastic option for improving hand-eye coordination and encouraging teamwork. Slam dunk or just shoot a few hoops. Our basketball options let your kids play like a real pro.

Ride-On Cars

For the aspiring race car drivers, we offer a huge selection of ride-on cars for those who just want to have fun, making the perfect gift for children of all ages. We are mindful of your child’s safety and for this reason all cars are fitted with the necessary safety requirements.

Cubby Houses

Cubby houses are a wonderful solution for kids to play outside and also get out of the sun when the rays are too hot. Within our selection we have either wood or wood-look materials to elevate your child’s imagination. Using sturdy weather-resistant materials, non-toxic waterproof paint and easy assemble options, we are sure we will have a solution for your backyard.

Foosball Tables

This one is for the whole family. If you love soccer, our Foosball Tables promise hours of fun and excitement. With fold away options, it doesn’t need to take up the whole living room either!

Pools and Inflatable Toys

From blow-up pools to slippery slides, those summer days will be a whole lot of fun for the whole family without the added expense of a built-in or above-ground pool. All you need is a little grass and a hose to get you started – a perfect solution for a small backyard!

Sandpits And Toys

Choose from a number of different shaped and sized sandpits. Some of our options include lids to keep out any unwanted guests or a shade to protect your little one from the sun.

Trampolines And Obstacle Courses

Gone are the days of dangerous loose springs. Our selection of trampolines and obstacles are made from the latest safety standards so that you don’t need to worry about any unexpected tumbles!

We offer a large variety of sports and outdoor toys for kids and we are confident that we have something available for each child and their unlimited imagination.

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