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Buy coding toys for your school kids in our online Afterpay online store Australia’s #1 online Kids coding store can help your kids learn to code.

Gone are the days when computers are for Geeks. It is now widely known that coding education can be beneficial for students who would like to gain a better understanding of technology and how it’s shaping our world.

There are so many benefits of coding that support the development of a well-rounded student and for this reason, schools are implementing Coding into the School Curriculum for children as young as 5 years.
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When we code we can build our own games, movies or digital artwork. This involves creating our own designs, including graphics, animations, storytelling, and building our own imaginary worlds and characters. It inspires pretend to play in School Kids as nothing else can.

MudWatt is a perfect example of problem-solving and engages kids in STEM in a whole new way by using the power of electricity-generating bacteria living in the soil beneath our feet! breaking down a big, complex problem into a series of small, achievable steps.

Now with coding! Kids can create their own Droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks. With the Droid Inventor app, they can control their Droid, give it new abilities with easy block-based coding, and take it on 22+ missions.

We don’t always give the students the right answer to a question. Coding means that students learn that there is no single answer and often to a question.

Build and fly your own drone with the Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit! If you don’t get it flying the first time, try and try again.

Power your cardboard arms with conductive silver ink and connect your drones hub and motors. Download the controller app and take to the skies!

When we design a product for others to use we learn about user experience. We learn about the psychology of people using our product, their experience and how to make their experience as easy and pleasant as we can. This requires us to have empathy for others.

Our super rigid, super custom sized, super playful Strawbees straws, fit perfectly and there is no right or wrong, simply my way or your way.

Creativity, problem-solving, learning and building things is not easy. Students often need to spend time and effort to puzzle out a problem. However, in the end, when they solve the problem, they get to feel a sense of achievement, the greater the problem the greater the joy. These are really valuable benefits of coding that have nothing to do with coding.

It is not easy being a child who does not quite fit into traditional schooling. Coding offers something different. It’s a creative and analytical hobby that provides a very different experience for children. It’s great to find a hobby to connect with and truly love and enjoy. Learn about circuits, motion, geometry and other core concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) while folding paper! Engineer origami of the future!

Whether your child is outgoing and energetic or quiet and shy there is a coding toy that is perfect for them and will help them learn secret skills along the way at the Little Kids Business Coding store for School Kids

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