STEAM & Learning Toys

Purchasing the best educational toys for your kids and toddlers just got a whole lot easier with Little Kids Business. We have specially selected the best-of-the-best in traditional toys to help your little ones through their stages of learning from baby to prep.

Before you rush out to the shops or start searching online stores, did you know that toys today can be so much more than just a fun play thing and that they can also teach your child new skills while they engage in play?

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In the first years of a child’s life there is a lot to learn and we are confident we have the right selection of baby, toddler and kids learning toys to suit each stage of their journey before school.

Little Kids Business Online is your one-stop shop for all you need in educational toys for your kids.

At Little Kids Business, we offer an extensive range of toddler and kids learning toys, including kids coding toys from researched and well trusted Australian brands.

Baby Learning Toys

As soon as our babies open their eyes they are learning and absorbing the world around us. All of their senses are stimulated, every colour, shape, sound, taste and touch is new and exciting. With the help of the right learning toys, we can help them towards their next stages of learning and life. Research suggests that contrasting colours and sounds help stimulate their brain and for this reason we have included plenty of traditional toys that offer bold colours but are completely safe for those little investigative fingers.

Toddler Learning Toys

Similarly to the first part of a child’s life, toddlers are naturally curious and want to touch…as many parents would agree! By introducing toddlers to toys that stimulate their brain and influence hand-eye coordination, they can start to prepare for early childhood education. Traditional toys such as building blocks and shape sorters are handy toys for coordination, with the combination of musical toys commonly associated with verbal memory and literacy. This is a great place to start their journey into early childhood.

Kids Learning Toys

As your children start to grow and the baby years are behind us, researchers suggest this is the time to introduce letters, numbers, language and puzzles. For this reason, Little Kids Business has a variety of flash cards, coding blocks and much more to help your little one along the way.

Are looking for something suitable for your child as they start to get a little bit older? We are confident they will engage with our ever-popular Smartivity Mechanical Hand For Kids – a realistic hand anatomy set with fingers that move just like your hand fingers. This is perfect for the little scientist, engineer or doctor, who will have hours of fun. This incredible hand is so realistic that it will allow your kids to grab things, make hand gestures, open door handles and even catch with this most incredible robotics hand for kids!

Or perhaps there is a young mathematician on the cards and they are inspired by the Smartivity Fidget Digit Multiplication Machine – a creative toy to help your child learn the tables in a different and fun way! No matter their interests, curious kids (and parents) will find all the answers and experiments in our growing range for kids aged four and up.

Buy baby, toddler and kids learning toys online with Little Kids Business today and give your child a gift that provides the perfect combination of learning and fun.

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