Enjoy browsing memorable christening presents in these pages. We have christening gifts for boys, christening gifts for girls, or gender-neutral options their parents will love every bit as they do.

Celebrating a baptism or naming day is a very special occasion, and finding the right gift for such events can be difficult, so we’ve put together a collection of both traditional and contemporary christening presents for you to choose from.

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For something meaningful choose from personalised prints and wall art to gorgeous personalised cushions  and jewellery that make the perfect keepsake for boys and girls. FREE Australia delivery included.

We also have darling little keepsake ideas like money boxes, teddy bears and baby blankets which can be personalised with the baby’s name and/or date of birth.

One of our favourite christening traditions is the party that follows.

Our 5 Top Tips when planning a Christening  Party include

  1. When planning a christening party, choose a colour theme. Many go blue for boys and pink for girls however we like to spice things up and love gold hues.
  2. For Christening decorations I love gold and clear with gold sparkle balloons. Start with the decorations. You will also need a lovely fresh white tablecloth on the table and fresh flowers which match your gold theme. Remember you want gold to look pretty not overly ritzy.
  3. For an afternoon christening party, you can’t go past a traditional high tea with scones with jam and cream,  little finger sandwiches, and cupcakes with gold cupcake paper and gold sprinkles on top. It is lovely to offer guests Champaign and Mocktails for those who are expecting.
  4. When choosing music, I like Jazz or folk style music from Spotify.
  5. Last but not least I like to arrange a photo area that is perfectly themed for the occasion. Take some photos before guests arrive to make sure you have the perfect photos of your family before you become distracted by guests.

Enjoy a lovely Christening.