E- Gift Cards

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling of having to find a present for someone, but not knowing what to buy? Or have you left it to the last minute?

Money, honey!

Select the value you would like your gift card to be.

Send the Gift Card to whoever you like

One person or ten people, it doesn’t matter. You just need to add their email address. These email addresses will appear again in the shopping cart so that you can double-check them before you purchase.

Customise your Gift Cards

There are so many options to make your gift card something extra special. Choose a generic Little Kids Business card OR select suggested gift and it can become the gift card image, make it personal and upload your own image or simply select from the wide range of our Little Kids Business designs.

OPTION ONE – send a voucher for the value of the gift you chose with a generic picture.

OPTION TWO – send a voucher selecting a specific gift which you can choose with the specific gift picture showing. 

Note : If the recipient receives your E-Voucher and would prefer another gift they can redeem the voucher for another gift of the same value or simply pay the difference for a more expensive gift.

OPTION THREE – send a voucher for the value of the gift you chose with a personal picture. This can be your Business Logo, a photo or… well … whatever you like that is G-rated. 

Send YOUR Gift Card and be notified when it has been used

Don’t want to send the gift card to the recipient today – you don’t have to! You can choose your very own future dispatching date, and know exactly when your friend will receive their gift card from you. BONUS: You can even receive an automatic email sent that tells you whenever the gift card you purchased has been used.

Suggest a Gift Item

The gift card will have the value of the selected product, and your users are free to suggest to their friends what to buy. Don’t forget you even have the option to have a picture of the gift on your E-Card.


Once you have finished shopping, go to your cart. In the shopping cart, there is a blue button above the products saying Have a gift card? Click here to enter your code. If you click here, a dropdown will appear with space for you to input your gift voucher number. This amount will then automatically come off your total below.

Now sit back as our brands pick, pack and send the gift directly to you.

Corporate solutions

Imagine being able to just hand us a list of recipients and their respective email addresses, your personalisation requirements, and we can take care of the rest! Email: [email protected] for more information

If you are a Business that wishes to purchase over 10 gift vouchers and would like them

  • Printed and presented well
  • With a Business Logo

Please reach out to our team who will be happy can cost this for you.

Email – [email protected]