Buy Quality Reusable Swim and Reusable Cloth Nappies in our Online Baby Shop

When it’s so hot outside, who can resist jumping into a pool? Just the look of the water itself is beyond inviting, even for a toddler. 

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Every mum knows her child will want to swim sooner or later and do you really care about dealing with water-logged nappies or that they may leave a little something floating around? Swim nappies are an excellent way of giving your child freedom and eliminating any worry you have about accidents happening. 

Team your Swim Nappy up with our Reusable Cloth nappies for a proven way to reduce the cost of having a baby and help to cut down on landfill. Nappies are the third largest consumer item to make up non-biodegradable waste. “Each baby wearing disposable nappies contributes 907 kilograms of garbage over the course of two years,”. Not only that, but it takes hundreds of years for conventional nappies to decompose, leaving them there to litter our beloved earth for far too long. And as they sit there under the sun, their chemicals leach into our soil and eventually our water, what will they do your baby’s little bum. Pop either or both into our wet bags to keep your contents from leaking.

At Little Kids Business, Australia’s #1 online children’s boutique, you can buy quality swimming and cloth nappies for your baby or toddler from the comfort of your own home day or night. 

Most Nappies are the following sizes. 

Swim Nappies are to fit babies 5kg to 18kg and fully adjustable to size

Newborn Cloth Nappies are to fit babies 3kg to 7kg adjustable.
One Size (OS) Cloth Nappies are to fit babies 4kg to 18kg adjustable