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Where to Buy Muslin Baby Wraps, Swaddles and Wraps Online in Australia
Swaddling your baby is one of the gentlest and most effective things you can do to help them feel comfortable and secure. Mothers have instinctively swaddled their babies for thousands of years, and we now understand its ability to calm and soothe our little ones. Here are some of the reasons you’ll want to buy a muslin wrap online today.

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Swaddling mimics touch
there’s nothing as soothing to a baby as a parent’s arms – but swaddling offers a close second. Wrapping your baby snugly and securely can ease the transition between the womb and the outside world, recreating the cosy feeling of being safely inside mum’s tummy. Babies also have a fundamental need for physical touch, and the gentle pressure of swaddling can mimic that sensation. Intimate contact also helps teach self-soothing and decreases stress as well as helping baby sleep better with fewer disturbances.
Swaddling helps moderate the startle reflex
Babies often experience the startle reflex, or Moro reflex; that plummeting sensation that makes them jerk suddenly. Adults can experience this as well, but it’s extremely common and normal in babies. However, its effects can be stressful and unpleasant for babies. Swaddling can prevent these spontaneous jerky movements from waking babies from sleep, resulting in a much more peaceful night for everyone in the home.
Swaddling may relieve discomfort from colic
One of the most frustrating challenges new parents can experience during their baby’s first several months is colic. Colic may be caused by incomplete gastro-intestinal development or a bacterial imbalance. Either way, its effects are extremely unpleasant for babies and their families alike. These inconsolable bouts of crying can have a highly therapeutic effect on the baby, helping calm and soothe them, and provide much-needed relief for babies and parents.
Swaddling helps keep baby warm
Baby swaddles in Australia can help maintain ideal body temperature in young babies. Infants are still adjusting to life outside the womb and may have trouble regulating their body temperatures on their own. When you buy a muslin wrap in Australia, the breathable material keeps your baby perfectly toasty without causing overheating.
Babies enjoy swaddling
One of the most important reasons to buy baby wraps online to use for swaddling is that, simply put, babies enjoy it. Swaddling is a familiar and comforting feeling that helps make babies feel physically and emotionally comfortable. Swaddling can soothe babies and help lull them to sleep by triggering a natural relaxation response. Simply put, swaddling is a great way to nurture your baby and help them develop feelings of safety and trust.

Where to buy baby wraps in Australia
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