Prams, Strollers and Wagons

1. Consider the number of children your Pram will need to carry.
You may be planning for your first child or planning for a bigger family, you could also be carrying twins.

Something to consider here to would be if the pram can grow with your baby.

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2. What will you be using the pram for?

Some are built for running, others for the luxury of heading to the shops, some prams are designed to do both. It is important to also consider the surfaces you will be pushing the pram on, e.g. grass, foot paths, hills, flat smooth floor.

3. Can you fit your dream Pram in your car ?
Check out the pram’s descriptions for measurements and weight.

At some point, you will need to lift the pram to put in your car. Verify the weight and your size and strength.

4. Is there storage room? 
Consider where to store  your nappy bag, water bottle, snacks and possibly shopping to go when you are getting around.

6. Budget

Prams can range from a modest price to thousands of dollars. Believe me, the money which you spend on a Pram will pay you back tenfold in ease and convenience. Your Pram will be well loved and used so be sure to get something you like.

6. Consider your height. 

Adjustable handles might be something you want to consider, for instance my husband is tall, and I am short, so adjustable handles were a must for us.

7. Can the baby/child face you or face forward?

This is great to consider if you want to watch your little one during the younger months. As children grow, they will want to see the big wide world.

8. . A smaller Stroller may be in your future

Be mindful that as your child grows into a toddler you may prefer a smaller stroller for that quick stop at the corner store or to drop an older sibling at Kindy or School. After all they are more light weight and super simple to set up.

9. Trust your gut.

Although you may be very organised and know exactly what you want to purchase, something else may capture your eye or suit your family lifestyle.