Meet Leisa from Little Kids Business

As a Mum, I wanted to limit and then remove my son's Dummy in the calmest possible way. In 2014, I surveyed a large group of parents to find out what they told their child when they removed their child's dummy. As part of this process, I discovered that parents also experience anxiety when the time comes to ditch their child's dummy. 

To assist both parents and children, I launched my children's book, "Daniel and the Dummy Fairy" in 2015. This picture book allows parents to talk about the Dummy Fairy with their child. 

With my daughter Sophie who ditched her dummy by 2.5 years, just like her big brother Daniel, who is pictured throughout the book.  


As part of this experience, both parents and the child get to see what Daisy, the Dummy Fairy does with her day. They meet her friends and even see what her favourite food is. This is a crucial step in reducing anxiety about their dummy going away.

Reading this picture book to your child gives parents the opportunity to talk about the Dummy Fairy regularly, something which Psychologists suggest is crucial to success. 

After reading this story book, many children soon ask, "when is the Dummy Fairy coming to see me"?

Happy to have facilitated the sale of over 10,000 gifts to Families, Little Kids Business is now seen as a leader in Children's Retail Sales. 

I use my Communications and Sociology degree along with past work experience to write the occasional Business article for the Australian Inside Small Business Magazine, act as a Parenting Expert for and as the Founder of  Little Kids Business , I author interesting articles for parents and promote kids gifts.