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Our 4 Top Tips on how to shop for your Kids this Christmas

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year for both adults and children alike. There is just as much hoy in giving a gift as there is in receiving a gift.

No-one could ever doubt how much you care for your kids. After all, you probably tell them every day. For this reason, there is no need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on 20 or 30 presents per child.

Rethink your approach of “the more the merrier” and boost a child’s self-esteem.

The gifts you buy children can leave a powerful positive or negative mark on their self-esteem. This can be seen when a child receives gifts like brand name items that a kid believes will make them more popular among their friends. But gifts that make a child feel accepted externally can build dependency on materialism. After all, the brand name sneakers will go out of style as newer, fancier versions are released and a materialistic child will then ask for more.

It’s also essential to ask yourself why you want to spoil the kids. Experts agree that parents should purchase presents that will help your kid and not soothe your conscience. After all, no-one likes the little girl on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who demands more. We also like Charlie who is grateful for everything which he recieves.

When purchasing gifts I like to buy one thing they WANT, one thing they NEED, one thing to WEAR, one thing to READ.

Best Baby Gifts

Want – Baby Teether, Rainbow Stacker  

Need – Baby Toothbrush, Play Gym.

Wear – Romper, Soft Soles Shoes 

Read – Baby Development Book ( Black and White)

Best Toddler gifts

Want – Indoor Swing Set, Pretend Makeup, Cubby House, Ride on car

Need – Good quality headphones for screen time, Pretend Kitchen to develop role play

Wear – Floatation swimsuit, Good supportive shoes. 

Read – Daniel and the Dummy Fairy (Especially if you need help ditching your dummy), Musical Book,



Enjoy buying gifts for your loves ones this Christmas and trust your heart and you can’t go wrong.

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