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Now you can tell your kids they can go on a Rocket Ship

Richard Branson’s giant leap in the new space race now means that now you can tell your kids they can go on a Rocket Ship one day.

As a kid, did you have a rocket ship toy and look up at the stars dreaming of being an Astronaut. Now the reality of going for a ride on a rocketship is a real possibility for those who can afford it. Over the weekend, Branson took the first giant leap towards making space travel a reality for everyone and flew into space on a test flight of the company’s spaceplane.

You can now watch this amazing video with your children of the Virgin Galactic space flight, showing Branson and his five crewmates enjoying some leisure time while floating around above the earth. You can marvel at their weightlessness and share the apprehension of the spaceplanes first-ever landing on earth.

“My mission statement, which I wrote inside my spacesuit, is to turn the dream of space travel into a reality – for my grandchildren, for your grandchildren, for everyone,” Branson said.


Tell your kids that Rockets carry fuel that is burned inside a chamber.  As the fuel burns, it gives off hot gas that shoots out from an opening at the back of the chamber. The force of the gas moving backwards pushes the rocket forward which pushes the Rocket into the air.

The first human space mission that landed with the pilot still in spacecraft, launched in 1961 – US, where a Mercury capsule named Freedom 7 with Alan B. Shepardthus was the first complete human spaceflight by FAI definitions. This was seen as an amazing accomplishment.

The crew of VSS Unity left to right: Pilot Dave Mackay, operations engineer Colin Bennett, chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses, Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson, government affairs VP Sirisha Bandla and co-pilot Michael Masucci.

Virgin Galactic plans to start officially sending people into space by next year. Obviously, buying a ticket on a spaceship will not exactly be cheap, as it is estimated that it will cost you about $250,000 to reserve a seat. While that might be out of your price range, you could also test out your luck by entering the online raffle for two tickets to one of the first space trips next year. For just five bucks, you can get 50 entries, with all the money going to Charities Aid Foundation America.

Going into space is not only a little kids dream come true, I am sure that it is also many big kids dream also.

Up, Up and Away… if you can afford it, you can also be Superman.


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