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My Breastmilk made my baby cry

After 9 months of growing a little human inside you, your baby is now earth-side and it’s time for the next part of your journey to start, feeding.

This can be one of the most challenging activities you will go through with your baby. You are learning to be a mum and trying to feed, and your baby is learning about being outside the womb and how to be your baby. Your bundle of joy has never experienced hunger before and now all of a sudden, it does. This new experience is daunting and the only way your baby can communicate is through crying.

Your breasts are working overtime and it takes a couple of days for them to start producing milk and during this time, you feel like your baby is getting barely anything from you because they are constantly on the boob. You feel like all your baby does is feed and sleep!

It was at this stage of my journey that I felt I was doing something wrong, that I wasn’t giving my son enough nutrients and it was my fault he was losing weight. But I rested assured, this was all normal. After many visits from the lactation consultant in the first couple of days after becoming a brand new mother, we started to learn together how to latch and how to feed. My sore and cracked nipples ached every time he fed and tears streamed down my face with the pain I was experiencing. He was so hungry and my milk was delayed because of the emergency C section we had. I did everything to try and get my milk to come in quickly – pumping, drinking lots of water, eating good foods etc. but in the end, we both just needed to be patient. Leaving hospital, it was suggested that we do supplement feeding with formula due to his weight loss. We arranged another appointment with the lactation consultant for a couple of days’ time, so I thought, let’s give this breastfeeding thing a go first and we’ll see what happens.

Your hard and uncomfortable breasts now work to satisfy the hunger of your little baby. Now the fun beings as you start to juggle breastfeeding with everything else you have going on around you. Remembering which side to feed off? Is your baby getting enough? And how do I stop these leaky boobs? are thoughts that constantly go through your head.

Babies and breasts are amazing things you know! I often thought that my baby’s feeding sessions were so long because he wasn’t getting enough, but actually he was telling my breasts to keep the milk orders coming.

As the newborn phase starts to pass and you and your baby start to get into the rhythm together, you start thinking to yourself about how long you can breastfeed for? I said to myself, that if I can get to 3 months great and anything pass that, would be a bonus. At 2 months we had a setback in our feeding as

Every feed I was giving him was poison to his little body. I felt so guilty and this was a very hard time for us. To continue my breastfeeding journey, I needed to eliminate all dairy from my diet and for my milk to be clean from dairy; this was going to take at least 6 long weeks. But he still needed to be fed and with every feed,

We passed our 3-month goal without even knowing it as we were so focused on getting the dairy removed from my milk. And once this happened, everything seemed to change for us. It started to get better, easier and I even become a little more confident breastfeeding in public, even though I looked so awkward doing it.

The most important thing to remember is that you must be kind to yourself, as your breastfeeding journey is your own and every journey is different.

Rebecca Warr

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