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So how Much Does a Baby Cost?

Having a baby is every emotion under the sun, and if it’s your first, you have no idea what to expect. You can go to all the classes, read all the books, talk to as many friends or health professionals as possible and still never be truly prepared.

And trust me, there are lots to prepare for; emotionally, physically and financially, but some things are easier than others.

Like Paid Parental Leave for example. Let’s be honest, Centrelink at the best of times can be a little confusing. Add the hormones of pregnancy, the stress of negotiating work and leave arrangements, and the financial responsibility of adding a new member to your family, and it can all be a little overwhelming.

Introducing your lifesaver and new best friend, Lisa Levison; Accountant, mother of two, and author of the must-have book ‘Your Family Budget.’ Just like you, she’s been through maternity leave, finding the right entitlements, applying with Centrelink, going back and forth with paperwork and knows the stresses and pressure it can put on families at a vulnerable time.

Unlike most of us though, Lisa spent 9 months researching policy and legislation to better understand the financial support available to families – and by some miracle, she packaged it neatly into an e-book that parents can actually understand, helping them navigate their own financial situation.

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Lisa said, “It’s in my nature, especially as an Accountant, to look at all the options and the financial impact of decisions – including children. As a mother of 2, we’ve gone through so many stages; maternity leave, paid parental leave, child care, after school care etc. and it’s something that I myself have to be on top of. I’m in a lot of mother’s groups on Facebook and there are always questions about child care, Family tax benefit, paid partner leave etc. and it was kind of a no brainer to share what I’d learned from my own experience. The more I knew, the more I shared, and I wanted a way to give all my knowledge to families quickly and easily.”

“Families come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s hard to know where you fit and what options are available for you. For example; separated parents, self-employed parents, families with two incomes or one; there’s such a broad spectrum of families and because it’s an e-book, I have the flexibility to update and add changes when they happen.”

“It’s such a stressful time financially, as parents will often go from two incomes to one, even though their family has grown, and their expenses go up. It can be so overwhelming when you’re juggling everything else that comes along with a new baby, and I just wanted to create something to take that pressure off families and give them real resources and tools to start budgeting and preparing them for their new life.”

It’s such an incredible resource for all families, and as a side project, we can’t believe how much this mamma has accomplished with 2 boys, a full-time job and a whole lot of determination. We wanted to know the best thing she’s found working on this project.

“I’m actually really proud that I wrote a book. I didn’t know what I was doing when I went into this, but I knew I wanted to help, and I wanted to share my knowledge with other families. I guess you don’t always need to know the how, sure you’ll stumble and there’s a lot of learning curves, but don’t be afraid to pursue something you’re really passionate about.”

And this is why we love what we do. A marketplace to support and celebrate incredible makers and creators like Lisa who are passionate about supporting families and making their lives easier.

For more information:

See Lisa’s in-depth book, Your Family Budget: Making Sense of Government Parenting and Child Care Payments, where she breaks down the Government speak, providing you with straightforward information to ensure you know how to get what you’re entitled to.


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