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Melbourne Kids get ready to Play at Lyndarum North Park

It seems obvious that parks are the perfect place to play with siblings and friend and get some much needed exercise. Just by playing, kids are not only enjoying the outdoors but they are leaning important life skills such as  sharing, waiting their turn and respect other kids.

For this reason, we get so excited every time there is a new park to play on.

Heads up, Melbourne families as the  Lyndarum North playground is serving up some tall thrills for children of all ages. 

Positioned around 40 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the arena combines relaxing grassy expanses with towering adventures.

Play equipment and features include

  • Cubic Tower
  • Climbing nets
  • Tunnels
  • Tube slides
  • Half-sized basketball court
  • Mini trampolines
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Generous grassed area for family picnics while the kids play. 

Packing some major wow-factor is the Cubic Tower

Positioned smack-bang in the centre of the park, the ultra-modern feat dials up the excitement by taking kids eight metres above the ground and dishes up glorious views of Melbourne’s city from the top.

Resembling chunky-bumpy robot arms, two swirling tube slides descend from the tower. 


Lark Industries Lyndarum North Estate, Wollert VIC


Tot-friendly tunnels and slides

With in-ground mini tramps installed within the central play arena, little jumping beans are well catered for here. And if they happen to bounce too high, you’ve got peace of mind knowing the surrounding deck is crafted from soft-fall rubber.

As littlies make their way around the dune-like walls of the play pit, they’ll find tiered tunnels to scuttle through, rope climbs to tackle and extra-long slides to hoon down.

Don’t forget to pack a ball. With a half-size basketball court on-site, sporty kids can hone their hoops and use up what energy is left after taking on the tower – ten times!

…there are more than a few perfect spots to do just that. Bring a blanket and pull up a patch of grass or take a breather with tuckered-out kids in the wooden teepee. There are also sheltered picnic tables on offer in the pavilion, which means….birthday parties! After all who wants to have 20 kids running through their house and using their bathroom. NOT ME ! 

Bright pops of colour, bucket loads of fun and a grassy backdrop. Add this one to your list, pack for the whole afternoon and get out there to check it out.

Where to visit 
Corner of Edgars Road and Kendon Drive
Wollert, VIC 3750


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