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Meet Julia from Vinyl Design Decorative Wall Decals

If you have the urge to redecorate your child’s nursery or bedroom and are in need of fun and affordable home decor, look no further than Vinyl Design Decorative Wall Decals. In our Online Store, you’ll find our unique range of more than 200 wall decals designed and printed in Julia’s studio with top-quality fabric and vinyl that not only looks amazing but are also removable. Perfect for those homeowners who wish to remodel and those who rent homes and need to be considerate.

Removable Wall Decal is the perfect solution and they leave no marks or residue on your walls.

Born from the idea of two Italian architects, Vinyl Interior Design is a company based in Sydney and founded in 2008. Specializing in manufacturing and producing fabric and vinyl wall stickers, Vinyl Design creates a great alternative to wallpaper and stencils.

Finding the task of decorating blank, empty walls a common occurrence, the idea to create removable wall decor came out of necessity. Julia and her husband set to work designing a range of Wall Decal which can brighten up any dull space. Julia loves that these wall decals can be applied without too much trouble or effort and you will love them too. Julia said “our wall stickers last approximately 5 years and are easy to apply and to remove, without damaging your walls”. Decals are ideal to transform your interiors; they allow you to play with colours and shapes in your living room, bedroom, office, or kid’s bedroom.


Wall decals go up in three easy steps, saving time and money.

  1. Choose your location.
  2. With patience and accuracy position your sticker on the wall with some masking tape to be sure you’re happy with the composition.
  3. Start the process of peeling and sticking.


Removing your Wall Decal is easy peasy.

Here is how to easily remove your Wall Decal.

  1. If you prefer, Hairdryers can help when you are trying to remove an adhesive vinyl. Simply direct the heat towards the edge of the decal.
  2. Once it is warm enough, you can gently peel it off starting at the edge.
  3. You can repeat this heating process severally until you’re done.
Julia – Vinyl Design

So you may wonder what Julia does to unwind. When asked, Julia shared with us that her ideal night is staying in with a glass of bubbly and my pet bunny on the couch. Oh I love Bunnies and Bubbles, so that sounds like a perfect evening to me.







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