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Meet Becc from Your Journey Keepsakes

Handcrafted, highest-quality, luxurious Australian jewellery pieces that tell a story and keep baby memories alive from moments that have past.

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When we asked Becc what inspired to start her business she replied
At my 6-month breastfeeding milestone, I search for something tangible to celebrate this moment. I discovered a DIY kit to make my own piece of keepsake jewellery and was hocked. From there I decided to invest in myself and put my hand up to be trained in this art. Almost a year later, I am a certified Breastmilk and DNA artisan and now own my business Your Journey Keepsakes

Is your product solving a problem?
My products help mothers visually honour and celebrate memories and moments that have passed. This could be reaching breastfeeding milestones or honouring the life of a dearly missed loved one.

What sort of things can go inside your sentimental Jewellery?
Loved one’s ashes, fabric from something special, flowers, hair and breastmilk,

What are your top 3 tips to someone starting a business?
Invest in yourself, work on your mindset and set realistic goals

Fun facts about Becc 
Growing up, I was inspired by my dad to own my own business. At one stage he had two businesses and I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be like him. Now, I am a mum of two boys, three if you count my husband, need my morning pod or express coffee hit in the morning (can’t stand instant), love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, have a passion to create things, from making all my wedding decorations to jewellery pieces, and am trying to live a healthier natural life with the products I choose for my family and I.

I am also a very passionate supporter of breastfeeding and Australian made

What do you love about being a brand with Little Kids Business
Being part of Little Kids Business allows me to reach and help more mothers. This is a supportive environment and I love being apart of this community.

Other than your own, what is your favourite product on this Marketplace?
The baby carrier. I use my carrier almost every day and believe this is an essential item to have when your little ones are small.

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