Little Kids Business Marketing

Year round promotion is key to a successful business. The Little Kids Business integrated marketing campaigns are data driven to specific target markets and will help you to be noticed. Our website is bundled with features that will help us to reach people, including SEO, coupons, product reviews and much more. We all share the same dream of stock selling of the shelves and happy customers.

As a Creator you will notice that we offer marketing campaigns that you can choose to be more involved in throughout the year such as

  • Competitions
  • Flash sales
  • Gift with purchase promotions
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook post
  • Featured Sellers
  • Little Kmail Features (our email newsletter)
  • Blogs promoting your stories or anything child related that reads well and is interesting. We welcome submissions, although we may not be able to utilise every submission.

In 2018 we will have a stand at the Baby and Kids Expos in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney where will have the opportunity to invite those selling exclusively through Little Kids Business, to be involved. (The Expo organiser will only allow exclusives on our stand if we wish to also make sales on the day)

Jingle all of the way to Christmas

You will notice we really ramp up our advertising in the last quarter of the year as that is where we expect to make 50% of our sales or should I say Santa makes his very special deliveries. We differ from other retailers as we prefer to offer a Christmas is coming sale in October instead of a Boxing day sale. We know people will spend money prior Christmas and we wish to encourage them to spend it with Little Kids Business. We also understand that some of you may wish to take time off work or reduce your hours between Christmas and New Year and this may assist you as at Little Kids Business we pride ourselves on being a family friendly environment.
We are always open to suggestions of great marketing initiatives, though we may not always be able to complete them,  your suggestions will always be very welcome.

Special Marketplace Features

Search Function

We pride ourselves on our ease of use and when you set up your store you can choose one or more of the below selections. By appearing in more than one search you give yourself a greater opportunity to make a sale. This will enable people searching to find you in more places than one.
For example 

  • You may have written a book that suits boys and girls so tick both or neutral
  • Select the age range on the scale with a age starting from and to
  • If your gift can be personalised we will give you the option to make that known
  • Clients will also be able to search based on price so they may select on the sliding scale from $5-$20 as an example and as your book sells for $15 it will appear.

When setting up your store you may feel that you have an item that falls into more than one category. For example you may have a chair for a children’s room that will fall into both furniture and bedroom so select both when setting up your store.
That’s right, as we have many categories for you to choose you can select one or more categories that suit your Creations best.

The Little Kids Business categories are



Birthday Alert

When a customer signs up to our Little KMail email newsletter we ask questions about their family. As an example if you had a daughter called Abbey and she was turning 6 on the 11th of March then we will gather this information and email her Mother / Father exactly 8 weeks prior, reminding them that it is Abbey’s birthday soon and offer age and gender specific gift suggestions.

Gift Registry

A baby shower is a long held tradition and a great excuse to throw a get together for a Mum to be. At Little Kids Business we see this as a wonderful opportunity to gift something that will really be appreciated. Our Mum to be can set up her own online baby Gift Registry and share the link with her friends and family who can choose to have it gift wrapped and sent directly to her or have it sent to them to take to the party and present themselves.  This registry is not just reserved for the babies though, customers can also set up a registry for Christenings, Birthdays and Christmas just to name a few.

Free Shipping within Australia

We ask that you include the price of shipping in all of your stores as statistics show that 67% of abandoned carts relate mainly shipping costs. We also fear that a person who is purchasing three items as an example will abandon their cart when they see the total of three shipping costs added together.
RRP + Packaging / Postage = Sale Price

Refunds / Returns

Statistics show that only 2% of sales are returned. At Little Kids Business we offer refunds  or credits within 30 days of purchase, please see our Refunds Policy for more information.

Vote for our Little Kids Business Charity of the Year

Recent studies suggest that up to 70% of people are driven by social responsibility to make a purchase. They prefer a company that shows kindness as kindness makes us and others feel good. We really want to support a charity that mirrors our desire to support families and will give you the opportunity to vote for our Charity of the year at the beginning of each year. We want to use our position to contribute to positive change in the community and thank you for supporting our desire.

Holiday Mode

A holiday is a valuable experience for relocating your mojo. If you are tired and run down, a holiday is just the tonic and we want to support you. That’s why we have a built in Holiday Mode option . If you need to get away for a couple of weeks without the worry that your orders are not being sent out to happy customers , have no fear . You can place your store on holiday while you are away.
The Holiday mode option can also assist you if you run out of stock .Thought keep in mind we have a two month maximum on the Holiday mode, any longer than this and our team with give you a call to make enquiries.

We want to tell your story

It was so important to us that we have a “meet our creators “ tab on our website. This is where the photo that you supply of yourself and your story will be featured. If you sell more than 1 item this will be especially important for you and they can see all of your Creations in the one place. You all work hard and deserve recognition for your  wonderful creations so don’t be shy as statistically people are more likely to buy from you if they feel they know and can relate to you. Your photo and story has the power to increase your sales.

We do really appreciate your enquiry to sell your creation with Little Kids Business and we look forward to reading your application and seeing your Creation.

Let’s work together as a team
and create the dream.