Little Kids Business Brand Rep Searches

Do you need beautiful product photos for your Brand?

Would you like Little Kids Business to run your Brand Rep Search so that you can get some amazing new photos? 

A Brand Rep is someone that a Brand chooses to represent their Brand – simple right, but what does that actually mean? Most often Brand Reps will come on board for a defined period of time. During that time they will receive a certain amount of FREE product that they will need to photograph and share with their followers on Instagram, as often as weekly.

The Brand Reps will receive:

  • FREE product.
  • Commercial contact with a reputable Brand which may lead to more Brand Rep opportunities.

As well as Exposure to a broader audience and images you can use on your social media feeds

Your Brand will receive:

  • An Instagram and Facebook tile specifically created by our Graphic Designer, showcasing your Logo and a product image to promote your Brand Rep Search 
  • Little Kids Business will post your search on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. 
  • Little Kids Business will post and promote your Search across Facebook and Instagram through the use of hashtags and paid marketing. 
  • Little Kids Business will filter applicants and provide you with a shortlist of three possible reps of which you may choose all or one based on your given criterion. 
  • Little Kids Business will prepare a contract between your Brand and the chosen Brand Rep. This contract will stipulate matters such as timeframe, number of photos, the requirements for the Brand Rep to share their photos on their Instagram page and tag your Brand, look and feel of the photos and obligations if an illness should prevail and the Rep child/ children cannot perform their task. Little Kids Business will have procedures in place to ensure that the Brands Reps fulfil their obligation. 

All of this for $99 with the added bonus that your Brand Rep photo will be showcased within a square on the front of to direct traffic to you for an agreed to period. 

What will we look for

A bright, clear photo, that suit your style. A feed that looks tidy and appealing with a  good use of hashtags, and plenty of followers but most importantly, plenty of interaction. 

What do we need from you?

  • A copy of your Logo
  • The criteria that you are looking for. ie Gender, Siblings or singles, indoor or outdoor photos, approximate ages. 
  • The number of reps you are looking for.
  • A list of the products you will send to the chosen Rep/Reps. 

Getting wonderful lifestyle photos is only a click away. If you would like to proceed please email us on the above details and we will prepare your Brand Rep Search tile and then send it to you for approval. 

Brand Rep Search Fee