Kim Kardashian’s daughter is certainly not afraid of snakes

When Kim Kardashian proudly shared a video of her one-year-old daughter Chi handling a snake, Instagram users were very quick to comment.

Some mirrored Mum Kim’s sentiments of “My brave girl Chicago”

with quotes such as “I can’t believe she handled that snake like that!!! 🤣🤣 ”

Others were quick to critique her parenting with one person commenting “Isn’t this irresponsible parenting?? A child who doesn’t know the difference between poisonous snakes and unpoisonous ones is being encouraged to hold snakes like that and them in their eyes…”

Are you wondering how safe Chicago really was, let’s check out some facts?

Corn snakes have a slender body that can reach 24 to 72 inches in length and Corn Snakes are not venomous which means that Kim was in no way putting her little girl in harm’s way.

“Their docile nature, make them commonly kept pet snakes,” Wikipedia says of the corn snake, and let’s be honest at no time was little Chi alone with the snake, the handler was always close by.

See how brave Chicago was for yourself:

Aunt Khloe Kardashian commented on Kym’s Post “She’s crazy! Look how she’s looking at his face. Omg 😮” followed by “I love my brave girl”

Jay prehistoric pets loved having the Kardashians visit saying “Was awesome have your brave kids over to enjoy some cool animals of the reptile kind 🙌” ” Jay loves visitors to see life from his eyes, living life with some of the coolest reptiles on Earth, hanging out with the best Instagramers in the world #teamlivingthedream

When out in the wild there are other rules that apply. I have taught my kids the following rules

If you are going into an environment where snakes may live it’s important to:

Wear closed-in shoes to protect your feet and ankles

Stomp your feet more vigorously when you walk

Keep an eye out for snakes

Leave it alone

If bitten, move somewhere safe but try not to run and that will pump the venom faster

As with all Australian native animals, snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and cannot lawfully be killed. 

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