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How to Teach Your Kid To Wipe Their Own Butt

Accurate and thorough butt-wiping is a skill every child should be able to do before starting kindy. After all, they are a big kid now, just ask them, they will tell you. 

But one teacher came up with a brilliant way to teach what appears to be a whole class of little ones how to achieve a proper wipe — with two balloons and a few squares of toilet paper.
Step 1 – Ties two balloon to the back of a little kids chair – these will become your but cheeks.
Step 2 – Sit on a chair and turn around and wipe the toilet paper between the two balloons as though you were wiping your bottom.We suggest that you use the classic front-to-back wipe between the two inflated balloons, which look most convincingly like butt cheeks.Step 3 – After the wipe, fold the tissue in half, and wipe again.

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So what is the cleanest way to wipe if you have girl bits 

If you have a vulva, your urethra and bottom hole is quite close to one another. This means your chances of spreading bacteria to your urethra is quite high.

For this reason, it is best to reach around your body and wipe your bottom from front to back, ensuring that the poo is always moving away from the urethra.

So what is the cleanest way to wipe if you have a penis

If you have a penis, you can wipe your anus back to front, front to back, up, down, and all around if you want. Whatever feels best and gets the job done.

Your bits are further apart, so the spread of feces to your urethra is much less likely.

What if I have diarrhea?

Frequent runny bowel movements can irritate the already delicate skin around your anus. This can make wiping uncomfortable.

Turns out, wiping isn’t even the best move in this case. The International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders recommends washing rather than wiping when you have a sore bum.

If you’re dealing with diarrhea on the go, you can wash the area with wet toilet paper instead of wiping or use fragrance-free wet wipes made for sensitive skin.

At the end of the day, be sure that your child understands that if they choose not to wipe they may smell like poo so try this fun and very practical butt-wiping lesson.

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