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How to plan to take your Kids to a Stage Show

I still recall the very first stage show that I took Daniel to. It was the Wiggles under the Big Top and Daniel was a very excited two years old. That was until we sat in our amazing seats, with the most perfect views and my two-year-old threw the most spectacular tantrum. Not only was he crying, but he was also hiding and screaming. I believe that he was truly overwhelmed by the whole experience.  Fast forward a year and our visit to the Sesame Street Show at a much smaller venue was a raging success. He was happy and excited and grateful. When you are planning to take your toddler or child to see their first show I believe, based on my experience with my two Children that there are a few things that you really need to take into consideration before your first show.

Here are my Top Tips for attending Stage Shows with Children:

Will they love the show as much as you?

In some instances, you get so wrapped up in your own excitement to take them to a show you fail to consider if they will really enjoy it. In my instance, my son loved the Wiggles, however, the experience of all of the people and the big circus tent was all too much for him to handle. In both his and then Sophie’s early childhood years, we stuck to smaller venues. When Daniel was 8 years and Sophie 5 years old we went to the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane and saw Aladin in the city. They were both completely enthralled and to this day name it as one of the most amazing things they have ever done.

Consider your child’s sleep time when you book your show time

Sometimes this can not be avoided as there is only one performance, however, if you do have the option then take your child’s nap into consideration. I would often book the show planning to leave home pretty early, allowing the child time to have a good nap before the show.

Pack food

As a parent, your handbag has changed into your children’s travel suitcase full of nappies, food, drinks, tissues and so much more. Be sure to take some food with you so that you can avoid your small child’s hungry uglies.

Arrive early

There will be so many people there so arrive early, not only to make sure you are able to get a car park. Arrive early enough to give your young child a chance to get used to the venue and what’s happening.

Take a toy from home if you are not planning on buying their Merchandise

Every show that you attend will have wonderful bright and very attractive merchandise that your child is most probably going to love. The question is, can you afford to purchase Merchandise on top of the cost of the ticket?  If you would prefer not to make a purchase, make sure that you take a toy from home to sidetrack your child. I recall going to a Play School concert and they had to most amazing dolls and games to purchase, however I knew that I had made purchases when I had attended a show previously so I took our  Jemima doll from home and my daughter was happy and so was I.

Spending time with your child is always time well spent. Whichever show you choose to attend at whatever age, treasure the memory.

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