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Gogglebox is welcoming a new baby to the cast !

Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd, who star on the Foxtel reality show with their friend and third wheel Jad, have announced they are expecting their first child.

The pair, who were married last year, has revealed on Instagram they are expecting a baby boy in November.


The concept of Gogglebox Australia is based on the 2013 British reality show Gogglebox, in which people watch and comment on the week’s popular television shows and films in their own homes. Producers chose ten households, featuring “a cross-section of modern Australian society, from larrikins to gays, from migrant families to battlers, yuppies and empty-nesters”, to discuss the shows. The cast is filmed with remote-controlled cameras, while the crew stay out of their way in other parts of the house.

Since sitting on the couch, Matty and Sarah Sarah have enjoyed so many memorable milestones however the introduction of a baby cast member in the new year is very exciting news.

Matty, a marketing and communications director, has admitted that trying to conceive a baby can be an emotional process.

Since marrying, the couple has experienced constant questioning around ‘when are you having a baby?’ Matty has said that this can be a frustrating question and his heart goes out to those travelling it with little success.“We want to acknowledge those people and although no words can make you feel better, Sarah and I would like to send every bit of positive energy your way.”

The couple were married last year. Source: Instagram

The couple, who have been together for five years, welcomed a British bulldog named Bane to their family in January last year, who features regularly on the popular program. Bane seems to be sensing that something is changing.

Gogglebox is nominated for Most Popular Entertainment Program and Most Outstanding Entertainment Program at the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards.

Gogglebox Australia Season 10 returns soon to Foxtel and Channel 10

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