The wonderful thing about curating your gift registry is that you can choose from a large selection of gifts in one place. You may even choose a personalised item to make it truly unique.

What is a Gift Registry?

A gift registry is a list of preferred gift items for any occasion. This list is curated by the recipient of the gift and shared with his/her guests. A Little Kids Business customer can set up their own gift registry, selecting the gifts they wish to receive for a Baby Shower, Christening, Birthday or Christmas as an example.

Why your guests will love your gift registry?

Often as a guest we question what a person really needs and wants and a gift. A registry can provide a simple solution for those wanting to buy the perfect gift that will be appreciated and within their budget. Whether you live close or far away gift givers can order from your registry in moments from the comfort of their home on their computer, tablet  or phone. Your guests can even choose to have your gift sent directly to you if they are unable to present you with your gift (this is especially perfect for those shopping from Overseas for a gift to be delivered in Australia).

How to create a Wishlist or Gift Registry

Wishlist’s and gift registries are managed by the same function in the Little Kids Business marketplace. These lists are then stored in the account and are available for customers if they have a valid account.

  • In order to create a wishlist or a gift registry you need to create an account
  • Please go to this page and set up your account based on the instructions you see here:
  • When you’re ready with your account set up, go to the home page of Little Kids Business by clicking on the logo and start shopping.
  • When you find an item that you would like to have on your wish list or gift registry, click on one of the icons (green gift box or pink heart icons) next to the ‘Add to cart’ button.


  • After you clicked a new pop up window will appear and you can create a new wishlist or gift registry if you haven’t had any or you can add the item to an existing wish list or gift registry if you already created one before


  • You can chose whether you want to create any of the following lists:
  1. Private (Only you can view this wishlist)
  2. Public (Anyone can search and/or view this wishlist)
  3. Shared (Only accessible by people who have the URL)
  • When you’re ready with the new list you will see the link that you can share with your friends and familyYour wish lists and gift registries are saved into your account, so you can always access them by logging into your account at

When you share the link of your wish list or gift registry, people can by items from that and the system will remember that they visited your wish list before and they will be offered to purchase the item for you.Please note that if someone purchases an item from your wish, then the same item won’t be available for further purchases in order to avoid duplicate purchases from different people – unless you wanted to have multiple amounts from the same product, but in this case just make sure that you set the required amount for each product.

Give those you love a gift they will love