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Do NOT put a mask on a Baby under 2 years of age

I understand that you must feel a slight sense of panic, after all, you have just nourished this beautiful baby into the world and now we have a nasty pandemic that might risk the wellbeing of all member of your family.

In this time it is important to not panic, to gather information and care for your family accordingly.

While medical experts are encouraging people to practice good hygiene and to wear a mask or face covering when they go out in order to prevent infection and stop the chance of virus spread, pediatricians warn never put a mask on a baby.

The Centers for Disease Control said infants have such small airways that a mask could do more harm than good.

Doctors said masks on children younger than 2 years old could suffocate them.



“No child under the age of 2 should ever wear a mask due to the risk of accidental suffocation,” said Dr Mike Cappello, a neonatologist at Advocate Children’s Hospital Park Ridge. “Children that are that young have very small airways and they lack the strength and wherewithal to reposition themselves if there was obstruction from the mask. The size of the airway and the risk for limiting oxygen delivery to their lungs and organs would be very significant.”

Instead, Care for your baby by taking cautions yourself. Make sure that you and other family members are practising good hygiene.

Wash your hands often. And if you have to go out, loosely and carefully cover your baby pram or carrier however never place you child at risk of suffocation.





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