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Please express your interest to sell on the Little Kids Business curated Marketplace if you import or create something unique relating to Mums and Children 0-14 years and have great photos of your gifts to share.

How does the Little Kids Business Marketplace work?

  1. You list your creations and we market them to customers in our marketplace – Short on time? let us create your listings for you for a small fee.
  2. Customers order your creation through Little Kids Business and pay using our checkout with either Stripe, Paypal or Afterpay.
  3. The order automatically generates an email to you.
  4. You receive the email and click on the order number which takes you to your log in and into your store.
  5. You print the dispatch documentation.
  6. You pack and ship the order to the customer within 24 hours (*n/a for personalised items)
  7. Your customer receives your gift and squeals with delight
  8. On the 20th of the following month, we pay you the customer’s order amount less our handling fee.

If you have questions we are ready to share the answers with you.

We will even set up your first product for you so that you have a draft to clone and edit going forward.

Warm Wishes the Little Kids Business Team



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