SEO: How To Add Meta Data To Your Site

  1. Log in to the system as an administrator
  2. Navigate to the content piece you would like to update (page, blog post or product) and then click ‘Edit’
  3. Scroll down on the page to a section called YOAST SEO and click ‘Edit Snippet’. This will make the meta data (meta title and meta description) of the page editable
  4. As a default the meta title is generated by the page title (ignore the strange characters if the title of the snippet preview looks fine as it just shows that the age title was auto-generated).
  5. The optimal character limit for meta titles is 70 including spaces, and 160 for meta descriptions. But there’s a visual aid in the YOAST SEO plugin, so please follow that and aim for the green lights.
  6. You can include one keyword that you think the page should focus on, ideally this keyword is in the URL and in the meta title and meta description too. (It’s not a major issue if it’s not, it’s more important to have the meta titles and meta descriptions set up properly.)
  7. Don’t worry about the red dots / scores if the meta titles and meta descriptions are in place and both have the green lines.
  8. It’s important that you set the right meta titles and meta descriptions for all pages, posts (blog posts), and also for all products.