Curation Policy

Through our Curation Policy, we have the opportunity to clearly position ourselves as the destination for unique, high quality, innovative and endearing gifts made by inspiring and creative small businesses.

We aim to consistently delight our customers by sharing the real stories from our Creators so that you are seen as a person and not a business. We aim to make you relatable.

Customer Service and presentation must always be our professional best.

Why Product Photography is Important

Editing is vital for consistency and adding that extra shine that makes you look like a pro. Editing can mean just removing the background or cropping, but more serious post-processing can include adding a shadow, colour correction, colour variations, and removing a mannequin. 

Your photos dictate your product’s perceived value and drive brand loyalty and trust. Your customers judge your product and brand based on those images so you should put every effort to make them look good. Would you like Pixc to take a look at your photos? Follow this link as PIXC are well informed on the Little Kids Business specifications and will aim to please.

Photo editing at the touch of a finger

A picture says a thousand words