How To Create a variable product

When adding a new product, change the product data to ‘Variable Product’ and choose the tax status and tax class.

Click Attributes

Choose an existing attribute from the dropdown list or create a customer one by clicking the Add button. The attributes of your products would be colour, size, age, personalisation, etc.

Enter the values of the attributes and make sure you have ticked Visible on the product page. If you would like to use these attributes for variations make sure this is ticketed also. If you have a large number of attributes, please see below.

Attributes are separated by | and can be found her on you key board. Once you have created all your attributes, click Save Attributes

Next click Variation

Click on the drop down box and choose create variations from all attributes and click GO. Then click OK in the pop up box.

You should now have something that looks like this.

From here we can now set one price for all variations or we can set a different price for each one. To set the same price for all variations click the dropdown box and choose set regular prices and click GO.

Enter the price you wish to charge in the pop up box and click OK. Now all the variations of your product are priced the same. From here you can set and schedule sales, enter your inventory, enter the shipping details as well as many other tasks.

When you preview changes, your variations should appear something like this, depending on the variations you have used:

Entering individual prices for variations

To enter individual pricing and other values for each variation, click the three lines on the right hand side.

Here you can enter all the information in for that variation. Do this for all the variations you have and then click save changes.


Large Amount of Variations

If you have a large amount of variations, for example, colours you will need to make sure you do NOT click the Used for Variations, when setting up your attributes.

One the Variations page click GO and the variations will populate as above. Make any pricing changes following the above instructions and click save changes.

When you preview you changes, your variations should appear something like this, depending on the variations you have used: