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Ask one of the Little Kids Business brands for assistance?

Are you in a hurry? Perhaps our Frequently Asked Questions can help.

Would you like to ask a product question of one of our Brands? 

Simply do the following

  1. Go to the gift of your choice
  2. Scroll down and click onto the PRODUCT ENQUIRY icon
  3. Type your message and it will go directly to the Brand who owns this store and they will reply.

Please include your name and your order number (if you have it) so that we can look up your order.

If you are reaching out as you have a faulty item, please make a short video showing the item being faulty as we will ask you for this.

Would you like to post content (articles, recipes, product listings or competitions) on Little Kids Business?

If you would like to contribute content or feature your product in a competitions, please email [email protected]

Are you from the media?

If you are from the media and need to get in touch, please contact [email protected] and we are happy to chat.


If you have already reached out through the product enquiry button and now wish to contact Little Kids Business head office for further assistance CLICK HERE 



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