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Calling all DIY mama’s as today you can now make your very own pregnancy keepsake

Calling all DIY mama’s as today you can now make your very own keepsake

From a DIY kit comes so much potential and it’s especially important if that DIY Kit allows you to preserve your own memories the way you want to. Your Journey Keepsakes has just added to the Little Kids Business shop, the perfectly packaged DIY breastmilk and DNA jewellery kits.

These DIY kits will come with some much goodness and love, for you to unleash your inner DIY mama creativity to craft your very own unique keepsake bead.

These kits are for mamas who want to make a piece of keepsake jewellery that is not only a special way to preserve a memory but a piece of art that is created with your own two hands. It will be a piece that not only symbolises a moment in time but also a moment for a mama to be in her own creative skin. A piece that can hold those precious last milk drops but can also be a rewarding accomplishment of a mum doing something for herself, a healing kit that is good for her soul


  • Little Windows Brilliant Resin Part A and B
  • Mixing cup
  • Mixing wand
  • 2 packets of the Milky Mama Magic Dust
  • Shimmer Tints (Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Pearl and Gold)
  • Crystal Mold
  • European bead mold 



To support these kits, Your Journey Keepsakes will be offering live training and support through a Facebook group and will supply downloadable tutorial sheets to have on hand at your crafting station.

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Rebecca Warr

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