Launching Late February 2019

Do you have what it takes to be a Brand Rep and Influencer?

Little Kids Business is a collection of 100+ Brands showcasing gifts to Mothers and their children aged 0-14 years. We noticed that some of the Brands that we represent were in need of some new photos for our social media channels so, in an effort to assist our Brands to find the perfect child, children or family to represent their gifts, in 2019 we will be launching an Australia wide listing of Brand Reps.

Here Brands can look through our attractive and easy to view directory and see a collection of quality Brands Reps easily, in one place.

If you are a parent considering introducing their child to the world fun job of  Brand Repping, please click the links below as we have listed our top Brand Rep Photography Tips to get you started.

What do Brands look for?

  • Bright, clear photos, that suit their style.
  • A visually appealing Instagram feed with good use of hashtags, and followers that are interacting with the rep. 

What information is required to apply to be listed in our Brand Rep directory? 

If you meet the below criteria please apply from Feb 2019. 

  • Do you have a child aged 0-14 years? 
  • Does your Instagram account have over 1000 followers?
  • Do you take beautiful, quality photos taken in great light?
  • Do you have great photo locations in mind?
  • Are you easy to work with and do you fulfil your promises? 
  • Do you have some quality example photos to upload to promote your little rep?
  • Are you able to describe your look and feel ie: Max loves the beach and playing outside on our farm.

How much will our listings cost the Brand Rep? 

Don’t pay over $500, to list with a modelling agency. We feel it’s very important to keep the listing fee low so that as a parent you can all easily afford to list your child/children with us for Brands to discover. 

  • The cost to list as a Brand Rep is $49 per listing/ per year. As an example, you may choose to list in 3 categories Boy, Girl and Sibling. This will cost 3 x 49 = $147.00. As children age, it is very important to update your listing annually with new photography and updated information including age. Even things such as eye and hair colour can change in a year so  we will ask you to review all details.  

How much will it cost the Brand to search our database? 

  • To search through our curated database is absolutely FREE.

Did you know that Little Kids Business is a Drop shipping Marketplace? We currently represent Australian Brands, though in the future we will invite international Brands to sell with us as well. When an order is placed with us, an email is generated to the Brand advising all of the order details. It’s as though the order had come through your own website. Your print the Little Kids Business dispatch notice and mail your gift to the customer and we pay you on the 20th of next Month. If you would like some more information on Selling with us please visit

Why trust us to showcase suitable Brand Reps?

With over 100 Kids Brands selling through our Online Marketplace, we feel that we have an eye for what Brands tend to look for. We only accept those who meet our curation criteria and have over 1000 followers. Our selection criteria mean that your Brand Rep search will be so much easier.

Please note: As Little Kids Business wish to only showcase potential Reps who have wonderful photography, we thank you for understanding that it is at our discretion whether to accept or decline your application if we feel that you do not meet our minimum Instagram Followers or showcase our preferred level of photography. If we do decline you, you are more than welcome to reapply with improved photography.