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Be one of the 3200 Aussie families set to benefit from subsidised childcare – 2021

Affording Childcare and working to provide for your family and be challenging, especially while they are young. Be one of the 3200 Aussie families set to benefit from subsidised childcare – 2021 .

The In Home Care (IHC) program is part of the Australia Governments child care package and provides flexible care that supports families’ workforce participation and child care requirements where other options are not available or appropriate.

Get in quick as the IHC program is a capped program of up to 3,200 places

This will provide up to 100 hours of subsidised care per child per fortnight with a family hourly rate cap, subject to Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy eligibility criteria.

The program provides access to Government subsidised child care in the family home and is targeted to assist parents or carers who are unable to access other mainstream child care options such as those who work non-standard hours, are geographically isolated or have families with challenging and complex needs.

The program is targeted at those families that need this care the most, with a focus on quality early childhood education and care provided by qualified educators.

To better support families, the IHC service type is delivered through a network of IHC Support Agencies that advocate for families, particularly those with complex and challenging circumstances, and help them find care that meets their needs. IHC Support Agencies are the primary conduit between families and services, while providing assurance of the care type and supporting national consistency in program delivery.

IHC Support Agencies should be contacted by families and services to discuss eligibility for IHC and families’ care needs.


In Home Care Estimator

There is no need to guess as the IHC estimator is a tool designed to help families estimate the amount of child care fee assistance they may receive when accessing IHC.

Will I be able to access IHC if my child accesses the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

IHC has a focus on education and care, and may complement disability support received through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). A child with additional needs may receive NDIS support and the family, if they are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy and meet the eligibility criteria for IHC, may also be able to receive IHC.

To find our more, please visit  the eligibility criteria

21st April 2021


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