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An incredibly honest interview with Duchess Meghan

The birth of a new baby is fraught with so many strong emotions. You feel a need to protect and care for this precious little baby and at times to judgement of a Grandparent can be enough to send you into a tailspin. Imagine the life of Duchess Meghan, fraught with Journalists commenting on every aspect of her parenting so It’s no secret that Duchess Meghan – wife to former lad and now devoted dad Prince Harry, has been enduring an impossibly difficult time.

Now, for the first time, Meghan’s opening up about just how hard transforming from popular Suits actress to a member of the royal family and a new Mother has been.

Meghan and Harry’s recent trip to Africa with baby Archie is the subject of a new documentary, and in an interview about the program it is reported that the negative media coverage and nasty social media commentary has been difficult for  this high-profile new mum.

During their meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Meghan shared that her son is an “old soul.” Harry also shared that Archie is “constantly wanting to stand” and said, “I think he knows exactly what’s going on.”

The couple were speaking to ITV News about the upcoming Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

In it we can see how very difficult it is for Meghan to speak of the emotional and physical toll the constant press scrutiny is having, especially when Meghan is clearly acutely aware of the privileged position she finds herself in.

That said, things have been so difficult that Harry who is constantly reminded of the possible consequences of such relentless hounding through the death of his Mother when he needed her most. Prince Harry opens up about how his mother’s death continues to plague him. “MSN” and “Metro” both quote the Duke of Sussex as making statements that indicate he has emotional issues that are similar to what some who suffer PTSD go through. Harry says that every time he see’s the flash of bulbs and hears the click of the paparazzi’s camera’s, it takes him back to the terrible evening that he learned of his Mothers death.

Now it’s Meghan’s turn to speak, and she did so in a very dignified but clearly emotional manner.

To see the full interview click the picture below.


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