Our Mission

To become Australia’s favourite online marketplace for devoted family and friends looking to simplify their shopping experience for unique and stylish maternity and children’s gifts.

Our Story

Little Kids Business was conceived by Leisa Papa after having her children’s picture book published in October 2015. Over the next year Leisa struggled at first to be found on the internet and soon realised that free websites were not free. As sales grew Leisa became aware that the cost of running a successful small online business while sharing her revenue with distributors and retail stores was outweighing her tiny profits. With a background in Business Development and Marketing, and a lot of first hand experience seeing the sales and marketing benefits of buying groups, Leisa knew there was a better way.

Leisa wanted to make her two children, Daniel and Sophie proud. She began to focus on attracting other small businesses selling maternity and children’s items to sell with her so that by working together they could all be more easily found in a world of overwhelming online choice.

More than an e-commerce site, Little Kids Business now provides customers with the opportunity to gain access to a large collection of talented small businesses run by people who really love what they do.


There is Sunshine in my soul today

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