How Abandoned Carts Work

Abandoned carts are efficient marketing tools aiming to recover as many purchases as possible from users who added products to their cart, but didn’t complete the purchase for some reason.

  • To change the settings for abandoned cart, please go to WooCommerce -> Abandoned cart menu after you logged in as an admin (marketplace owner)
  • You can see different tabs that explain the details of the Abandoned carts:
  1. Abandoned Orders: lists all the customers who left the site without purchase
  2. Email templates: we set up a standard template for an example notification that is sent out after 1 hour when the purchase is not completed. You can edit the time by clicking ion the edit button of the email template and you can use this as starting point for other future templates
  3. Settings: you can change cut-off time and email notifications here
  4. Recovered orders: see which orders could be recovered with the Abandoned Cart function
  5. Product report: See a list of abandoned products and see how many times they were recovered