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A Baby Wildlife Warrior is Born

After a 9 month wait, the Australia Zoo has officially welcomed their newest member of the family as A Baby Wildlife Warrior is Born. As Bindi and Chad stare lovingly at their new daughter, the thoughts of her Grandfather Steve Irwin are not far from their thoughts. After all, baby Grace has been named after the Iconic Animal lover being named ❤️ Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.


Not only is March 25, 2021, a special celebration for Bindi and Chad because of the beautiful Grace, but they also got to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. After more than six years of dating, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at Australia Zoo.

Even Uncle Robert couldn’t hide his elation on welcoming baby Grace stating “let the uncle adventures begin”. It was also super sweet that he shared his devotion to sister Bindi and Brother in Law Chad, sharing the things he loved about them for all to read.


As a mother myself, I completely understand how they must be feeling right now. The awe of what you have created and the fear of such a big responsibility along with the excitement of the life that you can create together as Grace grows into a little kid ready to join the Crocodile show at her families iconic Zoo.



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