Turia Pitt is looking calm and collected in her second pregnancy

We all have moments when we reflect on our life and Turia Pitt also does that often through her public speaking engagements however it is when she speaks about her family that you can really see that they have been her rock, her motivation and her reward for all she has endured.

Turia Pitt is living proof that, with the right mindset, anything is possible. Caught in a grass fire while competing in a 100km ultramarathon in 2011, Turia suffered full-thickness burns to 65% of her body. But surviving is the least of her achievements. One of Australia’s most admired and widely recognised people, Turia has gone on to become a bestselling author, two-time Ironman and humanitarian – raising well over a million dollars for not-for-profit Interplast. Through her online presence, books and online programs, Turia has inspired millions to live with more confidence, drop their fears and smash epic goals. and parents are now even more in love with her now that she is helping teens through her new book “The Good Selfie”

Good Selfie contains simple strategies to help kids and teens build self-confidence, get through hard times and go after massive goals. It’s real, straight-talking and funny and it’s garnering incredible reviews the world over.

Inside this beautifully illustrated and psychologist-reviewed book, Turia explores how to:

  • build self-confidence and self-belief
  • get through hard times
  • re-frame the way you see your life and your challenges
  • set and get big goals
  • create a kick-ass support crew
  • It’s basically a teen’s guide to a resilient mindset and a kick-ass life!


 Source: Instagram/turiapittSource:Instagram 

As a mother herself, Turia feels it is important to be a good role model to Kids.

Turia and her partner Michael became proud parents to a cool little dude, Hakavai,  in December 2017.

“I feel like if you have one child, you’re really lucky — if you have two, you’re even luckier,” Turia told Stella Mag so to see that she is nearly due for her second child is truly wonderful.

Turia also told the publication that “Parenthood changes every day,” she said. “Some days are joyful, some are extraordinary, some you’re really irritated and really short with your partner and you’re tired. Mum is just around the corner and Michael is a really hands-on dad, but still, I find it hard.”

“Motherhood is definitely not an easy job.”

Mothers around Australia rally around her for being honest and not sugar coating life as a mother. It is bloody hard work managing the uncontrollable emotions and demands of a baby and then a toddler.

Turia has also documented her recovery openly on social media and through her newsletters and is eager to welcome her second child soon saying “Baby #2, we can’t wait to meet you 💛PS I promise we’ll find you a more appropriate name soon 😂.”

We wish you a safe delivery Turia. Mama, we’ve got your back.



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