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Do you have what it takes to be a Brand Rep and Influencer?

Product images not only testify to the quality of the product but they also serve as windows into the eCommerce store, creating transparency and trust, for this reason, it is believed that 93% of customers buying decision is made based on photography alone.

If you are a parent considering introducing their child to the world fun job of  Brand Repping, please click the links below as we have listed our top Brand Rep Photography Tips to get you started.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is someone who receives DISCOUNTED products, and in return will share photos interacting with the product. For example, a clothing Brand might sell this person clothes at a discounted rate and in return, they publish photos of themselves in these clothes and tag the Brand. These people usually have a moderate amount of  Instagram followers and promote the Brand on their photos through hashtags. This will naturally, help attract more followers on the company’s own profile, and they then convert those people to customers.

What is a Brand Rep? 

Brand reps (representatives)  are people that may receive FREE products in exchange for them taking pictures and posting them on their Instagram account. These people have many Instagram followers and promote their photos through hashtags. Naturally, this kind of Brand advocacy helps attract more followers on the company’s own profile, and they then convert those people to customers. 

What do Brands look for?

Choosing the perfect Brands Rep is incredibly important for a Brand as everything in an image—quality, subject matter, colour theme and saturation—should speak in a uniform voice that resonates with the Brand’s target audience.

  • Bright, clear photos, that suit their style are a must.
  • A visually appealing Instagram feed with good use of hashtags, and followers that are interacting with the rep is preferred as Brand Reps often act as Influencers. 

What information is required to apply to be a Brand Rep ? 

  • Childs age 
  • Number of followers
  • Do you take beautiful, quality photos taken in great light? Give examples
  • Do you have great photo locations in mind? Give examples
  • Are you able to describe your look and feel ie: Max loves the beach and playing outside on our farm.
  • Are you easy to work with and do you fulfil your promises? 

We can help you be found however we are not a Modelling Agency

Little Kids Business can act as a point of introduction between Brands Reps and Kids Brands. We are unable to set up Modelling jobs between Brands and Reps therefore it is up to the Brand to contact the Rep directly.

In order to make sure that there is a clear understanding between the Brand/ Brand Rep, we encourage you to enter into a legally binding contract with the Brand/ Brand Rep.


Can anyone apply?

Thank you for understanding that it is at the discretion of Brands whether they accept your application. 

Brands are unable to publish images of children that are 

  • Not clothed, baring any nudity.
  • Displayed in a way that would enable them to be easily identified – for example, in a school uniform, directly outside their house with a number or street sign showing, or showing their full name. 

By applying to be a Brand Rep you must be the Childs parental/guardian and give consent. 

Why do I need to have a Public Instagram account? 

You must have a Public Instagram account/profile with the photos which you wish to publish. This is to provide the Brands looking for Brand Reps the opportunity to see if your photography style suits their Brand. This will also allow them the opportunity to see many likes and comments you receive on your Instagram posts, while also allowing them to easily see the number of followers that you have. 

Why do Brands need to know how many followers you have?

As Brand Reps also often act as an influencer for the Brands they represent, it is important that you have 1000 people or more interested in your Instagram content.

With over 200 Kids Brands selling through the Little Kids Business Online Marketplace, we feel that we have an eye for what Brands tend to look for. 


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