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School teacher gave birth at school

As a pregnant mother, you often feel that you have to soldier on, however, in the case of Lindsay Agbalokwu, who was due with her second baby on September 17th, not all days go to plan.

In retrospect, the day did not begin like any other day,  the mum woke up with cramps and wrote them off as Braxton Hicks – small contractions that don’t necessarily indicate early labour.

Lindsay then drove to work at the school she teaches at in Denver and hoped her Braxton hicks contractions would simply pass. After all, this was her second child so she knew a little about being pregnant and childbirth.

The 33-year-old Mum had a busy day ahead, teaching and even handing out awards. After the awards ceremony, Lindsay went back to her 6th-grade homeroom class, feeling concerned as her cramps began to strengthen.

“The pain felt different,” the teacher told Yahoo Lifestyle. So Lindsay quickly asked co-teacher Marissa Kast to cover her classroom so that she could alert the School Principal, Natalie Lewis and dean of students Chris Earls, that she might be going into labour while she quickly used the bathroom. Causes of pain during labor can include pressure on the bladder and bowels by the baby’s head and the stretching of the birth canal and vagina so Lindsay wanted a private moment to be sure that she was in labor.

“In the classroom, the pain went from zero to 100,” Mrs Agbalokwu said.

The Principle and Dean spoke with Lindsay outside the school building while she debated calling her mother, however, time was not on their side and a teacher recalled saying “ We should call 911 — I think the baby is coming”.

Realising there was no time to spare the School teacher ran for her car, where she has a sleeping bag. Mrs Kast quickly laid it down on the sidewalk where Lindsay was standing while the Principle called for an ambulance.

“I lay down and we put the dispatcher on speakerphone, who started giving delivery instructions to Natalie and Chris,” Lindsay told Yahoo.

After a few “terribly painful minutes” during which the Principle coached Lindsay through her contractions, a fire truck pulled up to the school and emergency workers were able to take over.

Speaking from her home Lindsay recalls that  “I was in so much pain, I didn’t care that these people are my bosses — they are both parents,” so Lindsay felt comfortable with them and said. “They were my support people.” It seems that Baby Zara was keen to meet her Mum and was born immediately on the sidewalk of the school and soon the mother and daughter were driven to the hospital for further assistance.

Speaking from her home, which she shares with  Zara, her husband, and their 17-month-old son Lindsay feels blessed by the new addition to her little family.

If you think you’re going into labor, you may have been advised to call the Doctor when your contractions are regularly coming about five minutes apart for at least an hour.

You should always call for assistance if:

  • You experience any bleeding or bright-red discharge (not brown or pinkish). You doctor will ask you what size coin the blood is in your underwear so take notices of this. As an example are we talking a ten-cent patch of blood or a 50 cent or above the patch of blood?
  • Your water breaks — keeping in mind you may experience a big gush or a slow leak. Either way, don’t wait for the flow to stop as it does not. Your body will continue to produce this, so get straight to the hospital, especially if the fluid looks green or brown; this could be a sign that meconium is present (which is your newborn’s first stool; it can be dangerous if your baby ingests it during birth).
  • You experience blurred or double vision, a severe headache, or sudden swelling. These can all be symptoms of preeclampsia, which is characterised by pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and requires medical attention.

You are just about to be introduced to your beautiful baby, congratulations!


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