4 top tips to ditching your child’s dummy

Having a dummy is a wonderful way to settle and comfort your child. It is also given at birth to babies who need practice sucking to assist feeding and a dummy may be used as a successful cue to go to sleep.

However, when a child enters the stage of beginning to verbalise, this dependency upon a dummy can affect their ears and get in the way of speech acquisition and personal development and affect their teeth. These four simple steps may assist you to remove your child’s dummy without causing unnecessary anxiety as they grow, enabling a smoother transition.

 Once you feel your child is ready, you can read this story and discuss the Dummy Fairy in preparation for her visit. This is happening because they are a big boy or girl and this is very exciting. A real fairy will be coming to your house so perhaps consider if you wish to increase the fairytale by adding a little fairy door or fairy footprints to your setting.

You are the best judge of when your child is ready. I chose for Daisy to visit at age 2.5 years for my boy and my girl, however, you may choose an earlier or later age and it’s best to work around things such as illness, teething or personal issues for a smoother transition.

4 Top Tips

1. Begin by limiting the dummy used to sleep times.

2. Introduce a future dummy replacement i.e a soft toy or blankie

3. Check ALL hiding places and make sure that Daisy collects every single dummy.

4. If your child is in care, liaise with the caregiver to see if there are any other children under their care the Dummy Fairy can visit on the same night.