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10 things from my Childhood my kids will never experience

Let’s face it, technology has certainly changed everything. There are so many things that I remember fondly of my childhood however after catching up with some old school friend recently, these were the main ones we look back on fondly.

  1. Going to the drive in. I know there are still a few around however with the introduction of cinema experiences at home the desire to head to the drive-in has dwindled.  I recall my parents driving to the drive in with the old Holdens back seats down and beds made up in the back for my sister and I. Dad would open the back door and set Mum and Dads seats up at the back of the car and we’d all eat choc top ice creams.
  2. Heading to the Video store. This was actually something that I love with do with my Mum and my sister. It was so exciting getting to choose a movie. With the introduction of pay Tv, this too has phased out.
  3. Riding my bike to school. Now I know this is not the case for some however the school my kids goes to does not even have a port rack and even if it did, we live too far away for the kids to ride their bikes. This is an experience my children just won’t have.
  4. Recording songs of the radio. My sister and I use to sit up for hours creating playlists of our favourite songs. It was a bonding experience. At least you can still find the old fashioned record players. 
  5. Using a typewriter. With the introduction of computers, the good old fashioned typewriter is a thing of the past. I even remember how excited I was that my parents bought me an electric typewriter when I started University. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world.
  6. Standing in the middle of the house, where my entire family could hear me and talking to my friends on the telephone. With mobile phones, my children will certainly have a lot more privacy when they are on the phone.
  7. Catching the train to Gran’s house. These days most people have cars and I know that in this day and age I would drive to visit my parents rather than catch the train as I use to when I was a child.
  8. Having the milkman deliver our milk to our house. I remember our milkman, he was such a nice guy and became personal friends with my parents attending one another’s BBQ’s. I’m pretty sure that if I told my kids that use to happen they may not believe me or they would ask why I didn’t just go to the shops.
  9. Putting rollers in your hair to make it curl. Yes, that’s right I remember doing this and it is oh so time-consuming. Welcome to the electric age of hair curlers and also hair straighteners (which can create a nice wave). Farewell rollers!
  10. Taking photos with a camera and putting them in a photo album. With the introduction of computers, the development of actual photos has certainly dwindled. One thing I did make sure I did for both of my kids though is to start a Baby memory book with real, printed pictures inside.


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