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It is often said that starting a new business is inspired by something or someone, and in the case of Bobble Art, it was Jacqui and Brad’s four young daughters who first inspired them to step out of building and property development to launch their own high-quality hair accessories and jewellery business eleven years ago.

Not one to miss an opportunity, this forward-thinking couple soon identified that there was a gap in the market and quickly expanded their business to include quality backpacks, lunch bags, drink bottles, stationery and gifts. 

Over the next few years, their family grew and it was now the couples three young sons turn to inspire their parents. It was at this time that Jacqui and Brad launched a range of designs which appealed to boys.

With the constant desire to retain quality and create what parents desire for their children, Bobble Art has always stayed in touch with what parents and children feel is important and often host built-in focus groups of girls and boys to give honest feedback.

As proof that these focus groups have paved the way to new designs, the T-Rex design you see today is a much scarier version than the original due to the Boys focus groups feedback and requests.

From humble beginnings in the lounge room of their house, Jacqui, Brad and their eldest daughters now sell their gifts around the world.

This year they have decided to retire this beloved range and start 2021 with the release of brand new and innovative products. This means that this is your very last chance to purchase these designs.

Bobble Art Backpacks are made with such quality, that they often start the journey on the first day of childcare and broaden until the first day of school and are then often passed down to younger siblings.

With seven children and two grandchildren, Bobble Art is a proud, entirely family-run Melbourne business. Everything they produce is easy to use and keep clean, extremely durable, and iconically appealing.

 “I love it when our customers tell us how they love to collect and complete a range. We are so proud that our lunch bags are the toughest on the market and will never tear, or go mouldy and that our Bentos are the deepest in the marketplace.” Jacqui. 

With a successful Business behind them,  Jacqui and Brad now offer these Top 3 to someone starting a business.

1. Don’t give up when you are feeling disheartened as we believe it was perseverance that allowed us to grow quickly.

2. Embrace competition – it will keep you on your toes and moving ahead.

3. Ensure your business provides a point of difference – for us, it was the combination of offering quality affordable designs that appeal.

Sale on as off 10 October 2020 – Not to be repeated once over

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